Sunday, May 19, 2024

Cake Stencil and Patterned Paper hacks - a second part to the story

 Yes I am back with the next installment of guerilla crafting.

My next project that I will enter into the current Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge is this one.

Yoh, this one was a whole lot of fun to make.  I always forget how lovely a simple Primary colour palette on Kraft card is.  

I made the patterned paper by using distress ink in Spiced marmalade,Candied apples, Black Soot and Peacock Feathers on kraft and similar toned paper.  

I bought the cake stencils from TEMU - once again I am happily going to sing about how affordable these are. ZAR R45 is about U$D 2.50

They have a magnificent variety to choose from. And you can co-ordinate your own shape and size bundle if you want.  I am so thrilled with my guerilla crafting supplies from TEMU that I am happily affiliating with the site now to offer anyone on the struggling end of crafting supplies a chance to get stuff on discount there as well.  If you want to use my referral link - to check out the awesome generic, non-branded bake and cake stencil stuff you can find there - You can also qualify for a R2000/ U$D 110 coupon + 30% off  if you would like that with referral code/link as a new user - which is clickable right here 

Happy guerilla crafting - may your craft cart supplies be plentiful.

Cake and Patterns and Distress ink - part one

 Hello there 

The Wednesday challenge over at Simon Says Stamp is all about PATTERNED PAPER.  I would love a shot at the USD 25 to shop there, USD prices for crafty things is sooooooo painful to a South African wallet so whenever I have the time and energy to take a stab at it - I try to take it.  Plus I really enjoy finding ways to re-imagine my random stashes of things.

So I did a little guerilla crafting on the side to fit the challenge.....but I have a few tricks and crafty witchery to share.

Well I needed to use patterned paper and I was determined to have a co-ordinating scheme going, and frankly I did not have the cash to splurge on multiple pieces of the patterned paper or whole books of patterned paper so I had to make a plan - and a plan I did make.  

I got these cake stencils a while back from TEMU and I have been loving them.  I know that some people have issues with places like TEMU - I am not one of those people - I want to craft, crafting supplies are expensive and TEMU fills the gap created by the aforementioned.  I am happy.  I hope you are too, if you are not, then well I have to add a disclaimer here that I don't plan on making it my burden to carry the torch for it and I don't plan on dying on that hill too. We can part ways and opinions and I wont be offended.  You do you, I do me.  They are really well priced on TEMU and you dont have to pay the exorbitant shipping and duty charges that AMAZON charged me for the same kind of stencils.  My goal here is to guerilla craft on the cheap and introduce that to the South African market - I believe craft and creativity is something that should be accessible to all - I believe that there is purchasing power disadvantage that non-US/UK/EU citizens face and I believe in restoring the parity as my own contribution - anyhow as you can see - as of today the dollar equivalent of this stencil is U$D 3 - whereas on Amazon it was something like $5 and that was excluding shipping and tax. 

 If you are interested in checking out TEMU - you can link to it here with my referral code - ⭐️Click the link to get πŸ’°R2,000 coupon bundle or ⭐️ Search  acp636712 on the Temu App to get πŸ’°30% off discount !!.  If you are a new user you will get a 30% off discount and they have a bunch of other marketing offers as well that you can cash in on.  

Back to the challenge - I made my own co-ordinating patterned paper with this stencil and and my good old trusty DISTRESS INKS/OXIDES and a bunch of other salvaged items from various stashes of scrap.  It was fun - I loved it so much I am going to do another post with the other card I made with other cake stencils.  

This totally frees you up to make whatever card you want in whatever colour you want and you can mess around with all kinds of elements you want in the same co-ordinating scheme as well.  I am seriously chanting "Let them papercraft cake" at this point.  Cake stencils are awesome - they are longer than average paper craft stencils and they come in so many lovely patterns. I love the ones that you can seamlessly repeat the pattern with. You should check it out!

Here's my affiliate code again - to get the 30% off welcome bonus and the chance to grab the R2000 /U$D 110 coupon bundle  or you can search this code - acp636712 on the app to get a 30% off new user welcome bonus that is linked with this code.

Happy Guerilla Crafting

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Irregular holes!!!

A while ago I spied with my little eye these awesome dies from Memory box - they had an ocean theme and you could layer them to make a kind  a diorama of sorts.  I thought they were super cute.  I wanted to have them but my lowest end of middle-class South African wallet didn't.  So I almost forgot about them.  
Almost - because whilst on a shoot around on a random online marketplace that trades in South Africa - I happened upon a set of generic, non-branded set of graduated irregular border-window dies. I think you were supposed to make paper mountains out of them but I immediately thought of the memory box dies and the potential funnery colonised my head and so of course I had to get them.  
So I did.

- and then I had to make something with them - 

So I did.  

I made this little koi pond diorama-dee-da card for my mom for mother's day and she absolutely loved it.    

It turned out so stinking cute - the koi fish were also non-branded dies that I got off of Wish at some point.  I used the biggest one out of that set.  My dear darling is in the process of building us kitchen cupboards for our new place and he is busy processing some raw yellowood - the bark came off of the edges of those planks.  I made the greenery by staining and crinkling up some old wax-paper chip bags then cutting out strips of pond weed looking thingies.  It was a lot of funnery indeedery.
I have so many ideas in my ol' noggin for all kinds of projects with these irregular border layering dies.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

More works in progress - you win some - you lose some

 Nothing too much to say about this - except that it was a fun thing to do - I broke from my recent Dala Ink obsession and went back to good old Tim Holtz Distress ink to ink the elements.  My favourite part was inking a brown bag in 'evergreen bough'/'moss-something-or-the-other' and then fussy-cutting curling it up to make the seaweed.

This next one below is an idea that I am kicking around with.  I dont particularly love it enough yet to give it's own post - but it is still fun to keep messing with it  to see where it goes.


Lastly - this is one that I am not fond of at all.  I am discovering that my attempts at a vintage style - might not be my thing AT ALL .  So like here in this one below I feel like I don't get the elements and/or the layout right and it just looks like a bunch of things got stuck together with a stray piece of chewed up bubblegum on some dirty ol' rubbish bin.  And maybe I need to wash my blender brushes because all my inking looks a little dirty. And quite clearly this is a choice of palette that does not work together - but hey - you live you learn. What's that thing they say - "Creativity is about making mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep" or something like that?

This one is NOT the one to keep


Experiments with packaging

 I have to admit that I drive my family nuts with my collections of junk, old packaging and just generally anything I think might make a nice bit of texture or craft experiment.  There is a point to it though - you can discover some awesome texture stamps and I feel better about re-using things that would normally just end up in the rubbish dump.  So I always feel better about reducing waste and doing a tiny bit for the future of the planet and having some experimental fun in the process - win-win. 

Anyway, this project below is one of those:

Are you able to pick out the salvaged elements?

There is a piece of corrugated cardboard that came from a box that I painted with Dala Tempera in Magenta.

😜😜😜😜😜😜😜I stamped the background border texture from a piece of shock-protection sponge that is used in electronic goods packaging - it really makes a lovely printed mottled, bubbly texture - this would be awesome to mess around with on a gel plate I reckon.

The actual background card was the cardboard insert, that they stretch pantyhose over (dudes I am not even kidding here - I will save everything). On that note, the insides of the little boxes that the Tempeest loadshedding light bulbs come in make the best material to use in a die-cutting machine - it is stiff but soft enough to cut through and very, very easy to use with dye ink if you would like to add some colour.

The little string elements came off gift tags on this year's christmas presents. The white mesh was from a roll of mosaic tile tape😁. The black grid and the buttons are about the only things that I can say that came from actual dedicated craft store supplies.....though I bought those buttons in a fabric store with the intention to make a tiny button necklace.

The sentiment element was the inside piece of a frame die that I used on another project.

And I stamped and coloured with Dala drawing ink that I soaked into those flat latex make-up sponges.  You've got to keep these latex sponges constantly wet and in a teeny airtight 'tupperware' type container if you want to make these re-usable as the ink does eventutally dry out to a hard matt glaze type finish if you do not. But I mean its not too bad if it does, you can crumble this up, I have once  before chucked the broken bits in an old coffee grinder that I use for crafting to make colourful crumbly bits for other projects.  I mean I dont know what I might actually use this weird textured thing for - but hey it is what it is and when the time comes it's use will reveal itself to me....tee hee....😜😜

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

A never-ending story - a beautiful journey with Dala

I know that I have mentioned my love of Dala supplies in the past. This is another Dala gushy post featuring their puff paint.  Guys, I am giving you the permission to steal this supply from your kids stash - it is so fun to mess with.

 A while back the framing shop SERENDIPITY (a Framing shop with some art and craft supplies) had a tiny bottle of Dala Puff paint in the kids craft section, so I got it - and then I forgot about it.  I just recently re-dicovered it.  Anyway the lid on this thing had split open at the top for some reason so the paint had started to dry out a bit but I discovered that this makes it work a little better than when it is fresh off the cart.  The slightly dried out, more viscous consistency of the paint - makes it easier to control on paper and you can scrape it into lines, run it over a stencil as a paste, it dries a little quicker as well, so you can mess about with puffing bit a little faster (which is always a plus when you are as impatient as myself).  

Puff Paint comes in the regular Dala brand colours and so while you can get it pre-coloured I like the white puff paint because you can paint or dye it whatever colour want and you can control to a fair degree where you want to colour the puff. Plus - it's all about the texture - this is the most grown-up kind of puff paint if you are into texture but want to move beyond the marshmallow puff kind of puffing paint.  With a heat gun you can puff this baby up straight away, or you can wait and let it dry naturally on the paper.  Depending on how you heat it and how thin or thick you strokes of paint are you can create tiny puff plumes or big billowy plumes of  puff.  I laid on the puff paint in dense gloopy globs and blasted it with a heat gun here to create the the whimsical "lavender" stalks .  While for the background texture - I kind scraped it on with a spatula tool and then created lines by dragging vertical stripes through with a disposable knife.  I also let this dry out a bit longer before I blasted with a hot hairdryer instead of a heat gun.  

The colouring was done with the Dala kids 12 block paint set that I mixed in a palette with drops of watered down Dala Dawing inks. I used Magenta, Turquoise, Yellow, Blue, Viridian and Green - but I blended them in various shades to my preference.  This works surprisingly well and you can get the best spectrum with just a combination of inks and kids powder watercolour paint.  

On another side-note while we are talking about raiding your kids art supplies - another brilliant product from DALA to paint with is the kids liquid TEMPERA - the colours are so richly pigmented and lightfast, and it has a lovely almost liquid gel like feel to it, so it doesn't scrape on the paper and shred it, it also seems to make the paper less warpy than regular watery kids paint. While I am quite excited to share my Tempera experiments and will post on it in the future - I didn't use Tempera on this tiny project though.

The background stamping was done in Dala Black, Blue and Red Stamp Pad Ink that I mixed together and then watered down a little with glycerine, to give it a little smudgy sort of faded out effect, I liked that it kinda makes it look like badly printed fabric.  I poured this mixture into an empty stamp pad and stamped the background with that.  I find that just playing around with Dala regular stamp pad ink blends gives you the most vintage effects. If you add the right amount of ink to their Acrylic Retarder and lay that down on squished up paper, let it dry and then iron it out flat - you can create some really cool looking vintage background paper.   You can really do so much with these products if you are willing to experiment - I truly love this company, the fact that all their products work seamlessly with each other and the freedom it gives you to mess about with your own creativity without breaking the bank.

The lasso frame behind the bark was made from dyeing white paper covered wire with watered down Dala Golden Brown Drawing Ink.  The paper wire may or may not have been from Dala - I have no idea where it comes from - I am willing to go there though and say it because most of the craft items I get are from Dala.  

Anyway - this is my Dala appreciation post for today.  I am not sponsored neither am I affiliated with them in any way, I just really appreciate their stuff because it is well priced for the quantity you get and the quality is pretty decent compared to buying from abroad. It's good to support local and they deserve the mentions because it is literally my 'go-to' brand and I love it.

My future mad scientist experiment with Dala lovables is going to use the acrylic glaze as a "clear drawing ink" - I want to make metallic drawing inks - I have purchased the Dala Pearlescent Powders and my idea is to blend the powder with the glaze to make metallic drawing ink.  I will keep you posted if it works out!

Saturday, August 19, 2023

a little bit of everything


 So I always save all kinds of bits and pieces of things that I save because I think they might come in handy one day to craft with.  The fun part for I have to admit is re-imagining (upcycle if you will) things you would ordinarily chuck out.  So I have boxes of salvaged things like popsicle sticks and bits of wire, used plastic zip ties and gold paint that I scraped up off mats.  I found a book of latin verse that was published in the early 60's and I collected that too. 

But what do you do with the random collections of junk before your house starts to look like a an episode of Hoarders?  Make cards - that's what you do, make adorable cards for your loved ones.

Popsicle sticks can be turned into a little fence with a black pen and some brown stain or ink.  I mixed Dala Sepia Drawing Ink with a bit of their Black drawing ink and watered it down to get a weathered effect.

Old cereal boxes can take a crafty beating - I put a layer of modpodge on it to glue down some book pages - inked over with Dala Drawing Ink.  I love Dala drawing ink for vibrant but translucent colour.  The ink must have some kind of glaze or polymer in it because it dries to a matte gloss finish.  It's really cool

I then die cut the Hollyhocks out of the cereal boxes with the holly hock die. They went in front of the fence and that wrought iron strip was a piece of zip tie that got a treatment of super glue and fine beach sand that I dyed with Dala drawing ink.  I kinda did the same thing on the sentiment label plate thingie  bit with a rougher texture from big flake glitter that I had bought for my kid from Dala as well - over the top went some gold leaf size from Dala which I could swear is the same as Dala Stencil Glue which I have been obsessed with for years.  I let that dry out a bit to get super tacky.  The gold leaf flakes are actually the result of mixing Dala gold paint mixed with a bit gold edible mica (the kind you use in baking - think I originally got that from Barco moulds.  Anyhooooooo, I had painted something or the other and because I use those clear kitchen mats cutting boards as a palette - I had quite a bit of this beautiful dried gold paint - so I had the tincan head idea to scrape that off and collect them in a jar.  Like OH MY GUYS - it worked brilliantly as a knock-off diy of flake bits - seriously they work just as well as any other flake bits that you would buy.

Remember that old book of latin verse?  I have been wanting to try my version of the Japanese Mokugami paper. Mokugami is kind of like a rumpled texture paper.  I always loved how it adds a depth and texture to paper.  I thought a latin page would be cool to do this with. Anyway, I wanted a lighter pastel type of colour to this so instead of Dala, I went in with ink blending brushes.  I didnt even re-ink them - just went with the residue on the brush.  

I started squishing and squashing and then thought that I kinda wanted it to look more like waxed paper so then I got a solid body butter stick (for reals I am not even joking) - this butter stick smells so deliciously like citrus leaves. I swiped that all over the page, used my hairdryer to heat enough so that it saturates the paper. I then glued that down with Dala stencil glue onto an old offcut piece of canvas - this might have been out of one of Dala's painting pads  but I cant be sure - it was just a random piece that I found in those boxes of stuff that I save like a hoarder.  

I don't work for Dala by the way, even though this whole post is reading like an advert for them. I have to tell you about my most recent serendiptious moment with them - I had bought their liquid tempera for my 6 year old to paint with and guess what - I have stolen most of it from her supply.  I love it more than the regular craft acrylic I get from them - I think I love the tempera more - its like the perfect highly pigmented translucent paint that dries to an un-movable finish with insane pigmented translucency with a matte finish.  It is so light fast as well.  I dont think gets DALA gets enough credit in the crafting world for the kiff-ass stuff products that they make.  I am such a fan.

So that's this post.  I will keep posting my destashing attempts as I go along.  

Fun Cards - clouds and Hot air Balloons

 Do these ever really get less fun to do?  I have three different designs of hot air balloon. I am a little nuts about them. This is my favourite of the lot. 

 I enjoy making these so much that I kinda have to keep track in my head of who I sent Balloon cards to so that I do not continually send them the same type of card.  

This one is for a 7year old BFF of my daughter.  

The penant streamer was made from washi tape - after years of painfully cutting perfect tiny diamonds and then folding them over the cord, then trying to glue them together, I finally realised I can just fold washi tap over on itself and then cut them into triangles - DOH - why I didnt think of this earlier is directly correlate to my DOH-brain.  

I totally scratched out the personalised birthday sentiment out of a piece of rainbow themed scratch card. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

I have been saving my cards on Pinterest but here's one just to keep this blog running

Its for my dearest, it's his 50th birthday on Sunday coming.  

We have an almost 6 year old - she is lots of energy and he is such a trooper when it comes to keeping up with her - it's always full steam ahead.  So this little birthday card is a nod to the magnificent engine that he is - even at 50 and now going beyond.

I love you babes, you have changed my life in such and magnificent way on so many levels.  Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. (I mean he's never going to read this blog ever because we have all forgotten about it - but hey..........)

I am also going to add to this - that I am going to enter this into the SIMON SAYS STAMP challenge - Monday Challenge - Happy Birthday ALL and create because:

1.  I happened to see that it was a challenge that perfectly and miraculously aligned with the making of this birthday card - 

2.  I always want to enter these challenges but hardly ever do - so today I am

3.  I had a look at the entries and decided that it needed something steampunk-ish and in richer colour palettes - just for variety sake

Thus I present MORE STEAM FOR MORE PUNKERY FOR 50 MORE - a birthday card for my darling man,

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

A few cards here and there

 There are a couple I have made over the last 6 years, I still like doing it - just never get the time to do it as much anymore, they still are fun nevertheless.  Mainly I post them to Pinterest.  I like Pinterest - so quick and easy and fast to share to.  I have ghosted Blogger for Pinterest - its true.  I never quite got into Instagram, even though I have an account.  I just like Pinterest so much more - like its for grown-ups who dont really want to be grown ups but also wanna be grown-ups - strike that and replace with NEED TO BE GROWN-UPs.

You dont have to go through all this time consuming blog writing as well.   Anyway - here is a new card that I loved making - it was a birthday card - you just needed a set of stitched star nesting dies and "Bob's your stardust!"  Kinda loved giving it a slightly vintage retro tatty feel.  That was my favourite part.