Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That’s right – it is possible to get soap in your inbox!

Hello from Candicesoaptray!
I am super excited about the contents of this letter and my new venture. After much contemplation and a desire to get up and running in a more efficient way -from  this year on I am pleased to be taking my little soapmaking hobby up a notch and periodically will be sending out a mail-order type newsletter featuring new, delicious and "retro-back-by-demand" runs of soap, bath & body products.
More excitingly, exclusively for Richards Bay and Empangeni residents - I will start doing weekend home-party showcases. What's in it for you? If you would like to host one of these and can find atleast 10 people (or more) who would be interested in handmade bath & body works, you will automatically receive a super luxurious Tincan Handmade bumper pack bundle filled with a variety of my favourite bath & body treatments and for every single sale of R100 upwards from one of your guests, a gift of your choice from the gift bundle, as well as a 10% discount on anything you purchase at your hosted party.
I am also going to be branching out into the wedding and party favour side of things, as I too am getting bored with the party favour options consisting of the ol' miniature plastic champagne glass filled with pink and white cachous or the laminated pressed flower  bookmark....
My plans for the future include "Beauty-in-the-kitchen" weekend workshops where for a small fee to cover ingredient lists etc, I will run a workshop on how to make beauty treatments, and fun bath & body goodies from things in your kitchen. But that is a little later on, and I will send out details on that in later newsletters. coffee bean vanilla
To kickstart this new avenue - I have included at the bottom of this e-mail/blogost a couple of pics of my favourite limited edition glycerine soaps for you to have a look at, together with a description and an order form. Each soap is individually handmade and thus each bar is completely unique.
Total production time for each series of soap ranges anywhere between 60 to 240 minutes dep ending on the level of detail and artistry involved. I get inspiration for each soap by things I see, smell, hear, taste or find out that it’s good for you. I then make a little sketch of what I imagine the soap should look like. Sometimes it is a bit of missionsketches to work out how to translate the sketch into its soap-form, but most times I get pretty close to what I saw in my head. Each little detail of the soap is made, carved, and coloured seperately and then incorporated into the final design.
The scent formula (apart from the plain standards like lavender, lemon-balm, etc) is a blend designed by myself from my vast collection of essential, nature-identical and fragrant oils. I put a huge effort into creating what I call my soap art and would love to share this passion of mine with you.
If you would like to be included the next time I mail out my e-mail catalogue of sorts - just reply to this email  or do it manually at Forward this letter out to any of your friends, family and acquaintances who love a bit of luxury on a shoestring budget as well, after all who says that whimsical luxury must only be the indulgence of those with big wallets. I would love to have more people share in my obsession!
Bars of glycerine soap that weigh 110g are usually sold at R12-00 each, but I have a special going on right now - I will give it to you at cost per bar which means that you will only spend R10 for a whopping 110g. Or get the Tropical Trio guest soap set, each weighing 40 grams for R25. Fill in the attached order form and type in E-LETTER SPECIAL in the coupon code box in the subject box to qualify.

Glycerine Soap – VERANO (Vehrah-noh)
A spanish summer - bright orangey-yellow chunks of the sun embedded in clear base.
Weighs 110g
Fresh, clean unisex scent like walking in a sunkissed meadow.
Glycerine Soap - EARTH
Earth toned spiral in a clear base
Weighs 110g
Earthy, woodsy, masculine scent
Glycerine Soap - SHOWER DOOR
A misty shower door in stripes of aquatic hues.
Weighs 110g
Decidedly cool, fresh Aqua notes.
TOP SELLER and voted as customer favourite
Glycerine Soap - ICED COAL
Big chunks of black coal plunging into clear icy antartic water.
Weighs 110g
Smells heavenly, spicy wood undernotes with a touch of a patchouli middle and rounded off with a deliciously refreshing peppermint twist.
I designed the fragrance formula to cater to the masculine market but it is extremely popular with both men and women.
Glycerine Soap - HOT CROSS (Aromatherapeutic)
A clear cross embedded in a rosy base.
Weighs 110g
Warm, spicy notes like a hot cross bun with clove, cinammon and sandalwood essential oils. I especially get a kick out of the clear cross in the middle.
Glycerine Soap - FRESCO (fries-koh)
The Italian word for "fresh", “cool” and a water-based pigment painting.
Beautiful marbly swirls of greens, blues, yellows and purples in a translucent base.
A fresh clean gender-neutral scent with a hints of musk, pine and bergamot.
Crushed strawberries in red glycerine base with a generous dollop of skin loving moisturiser.
weighs 110g
Scented lightly with Strawberry
Glycerine Soap - MUSK
Looks like little pieces of chewy candy in soft pastel tones swimming in a clear base.
Weighs 110g.
A sensual smoky white musk scent.

Glycerine Soap - FIRE
Fiery billows erupt from moten rock. The design seeks to capture the roaring magnificence of the element fire.
Weighs 110g.
Softly scented with sweet and musky notes and a undertone of ginger.
Glycerine Soap - CITY ABLAZE
A tribute to the magnificent dusk landscape of industrial Richards Bay
Weighs 110g
Softly scented with warm spice and citrus notes
Glycerine Soap - OH SUGAR
like caramelised sugar
weighs 110g
lightly sugary sweet
(the lighting makes this picture look a little more vibrant than the soap actually is - its a lot more muted and definitely more caramelised, cooked sugar looking)
Glycerine Soap - LAVENDER (Aromatherapeutic)
one half opaque lavender essential oil infusion, one half lavender buds soaking into translucent glycerine.
weighs 110g
Lavender of course
made with real cacao and cocoa butter with coffee grounds for scrub.
weighs 110g
naturally chocolatey
half aloe, half rooibos infusion
weighs 110g
Very rooibos and herb scent
Glycerine Soap – MOONLIT DREAM
The moon swimming in a magical night sky
weighs 110g
fresh floral
Glycerine Soap – APRICOT CRUSH
Translucent syrupy looking soap chequered against exfoliating bran topped apricot pieces
weighs 110g
sweet sugary apricot
Tropical Trio Guest Soap
Deliciously refreshing summer soap.
Each guest size glycerine soapweighs about 40g and comes in a fruity tropical medley of Watermelon, Starfruit and Satsuma.
Order form
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