Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sneak-Peak: I’m a GUEST DESIGNER for “Our Creative Corner” this month!!!

I have been so excited about this for so long and I am even more than excited to finally be able to direct you over to Our Creative Corner“ where I have had the excellent honour of being invited to be the guest designer this month.



Verbal Noun

-Contraction of Creative  and Gratification

-The process of being completely gratified through licentious creativity

-Excessive indulgence in creative enterprises eliciting a state of extreme bliss and satisfaction

I have got to say that I had the most amount of creatification I have ever had with this project!!!  For you to get some of your own “creatification” on, pop on over to Our Creative Corner by clicking here – and you will find instructions for all my personal techniques for creating the special effects and elements I used on this project. 

I am not going to tell you exactly what the project is – ‘cos that will just spoil the surprise now, wouldn’t it? 

Here are a few more teasers though….


Check it out over at Our Creative Corner and tell me whether you guessed at what it is …..and whether you liked it:


  1. Candice, I am absolutely blown away by your creativity! The bark is so realistic, I thought the gems and the suede straps were real. Most of all I'm in awe of how you've turned everyday products into something truly remarkable, it is a real work of art. I bet you're so proud of how it turned out. (I would be overjoyed if I'd made it!!). And no, I didn't guess ;)

  2. Oh yes, Candice, tons of creatification to be spotted with your gobsmacking project! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you so much for accepting the invite and being with us at Our Creative Corner today!

    Big hug,
    Claudia xxx

  3. Candice. Congrats on being selected for GD at OCC - what an honour!!! Fabulous project (as ever) and such creatification! Glad to see you back in blogland - I've missed your presence! Jean.x

  4. Wow,Candice this is a stunner. You really pulled out all the stops on this one,fabulous creation

    Donna xx

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the MUST SEE'S of the year in my book. You're a creative genius, on top of your professional genius! Is there no end to your talents?! Jenny x

  6. Just back from a! I can see why you were psyched... it's awesome!

  7. Candice!!! Your work is one of the best I have ever seen on this computer thingy... LOL.. your work/play is FANTASTIC and CREATIVE BEYOND all words available to me... and I love every single thing that you have created here... they all things that I LOVE... First off... My Runes need a new bag and I am in the throws of trying to figure out what kind of bag to make... I love to wrap stones... mainly crystals... but have wrapped more than 125 different stones... (types of stones) I love them all.. the energy from them is so great... I also love trees... my son is a wood carver... and he gained that from my Husband... who taught him... so I love trees... and their beauty in all ways... you have captured my heart with this piece... thank you so very much for sharing all that you did with this... and also thanks for your LOVELY comments on my blog... with all my heart... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  8. Candice, this has to be THE most inspired, creative and stunning pieces in the craft world at the moment! Your tutorial is excellent, packed with ideas that call out to be tried. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with us! This truly is a piece of art. Anne xx

  9. Your art is always stunning and out of the box.
    Stunning as always!!!!

  10. I've left a comment over on OCC Candice but I have to say this is one amazing project that you shared with us. So glad that Claudia got you to join us. I need to follow you now for some wow inspiration! Thank you so much.

  11. If you are ever in Cape Town again, contact me and I can meet you at Truth! It would be lovely to meet up with a fellow crafter in the Best Coffee shop in the World!

  12. It is early in the morning, I am sitting in Bed with a nice cup of coffee, wandering around blogland. Actually, still too tired to leave comments. But seeing your beautiful, mysterious book and following each of the included tutorials made me want to jump out of bed, straight to the work table. Your piece of art is just stunning, dear Candice! It is moutwatering and inspirative! Thank you so much for your generosity of sharing all those explicit details! I love every single bit of it, all the more as I too, llike to recycle what I can. It was a pleasure finding you in blogland and be assured, I will visit you more often!
    Greets from Manu

  13. I read that you wanted to get a file folder die (as in the card I shared on my blog)
    I didn't use a die, I just used a punch for the smooth edges, but you can just cut that with scissors.


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