Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shoppe Window Cardie for Mum!

awning window 017
Just a quick post today to show you this card that I had so much fun making.  For Mother's day (you will remember if you read this blog) that I made the dresser card (here is the backlink to that post  So I thought it would be kinda fun to keep that brickwall theme.  I am envisioning that eventually mum will have a collection of  brickwall room cards, for every room in a fantasy house.

A week or so ago Redanne posted this awesome card that she came up with that I so loved. (Check out Anne's Chemist here ttp://  This is how the inspiration for this birthday card began.    I really loved Anne's idea of a window that you looked through - my mind immediately started seeing a fun idea. 

I wanted the card to look like a cheery shop window with a flower box, and a message- complete with a stripy awning.  I mean who doesn't like a stripy awning. awning window 009
awning window 006So here is what I did.  I embossed the card with a die-cut window with the brick texture folder from Spellbinders, I then cut a rectangular frame to make the window frame and used one of the Tim Holtz pediments dies to do the flowerbox. 
I filled the flower box with handrolled flowers and the greenery is Gold Christmas tinsel that I painted with Mowed Lawn distress paint and Forrest moss Distress Ink.  The flowers were tiny and painful to work clunky fingers around but they were surprisingly easy to do. 
awning window 010

I used a scalloped edged scissors to cut one end of the awning and a corner punch for the top of the awning.  I folded that into shape.  I saw a more complicated version of this on youtube a while back but I cant remember where so I cant give credit to whom it is due.

I faux-glassed the window with acetate and wrote "Happy Birthday" on the shop window with a popart marker.  I love these markers - too bad I cant find them in my town mall anymore.

awning window 016

I wanted the closed card to look as if there was a window blind hanging on the inside of the window.
When you open up the card - I wanted the inside to look as if you were looking at a wall with drawn blind. 

awning window 029

I cut out little frames and drew tiny "wall art" that I framed in the gilded metal effect (you can find the backlink to that tutorial here  

I also stuck on a few charms to look like wall hangings. 
The blind functions as a message and gift card holder.

awning window 023

Anyway - like I said - quick post today.