Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Distress Paint: Alchemy – turning cardstock into Vintage Gold

I have been busy in my apothecary creating a fast and dirty formula to create a vintage forged gold effect.  I am going to share that with you today.

Now you can watch me perform alchemy in the lightning speed video below,  however in solidarity with my people (since South Africans generally are inflicted with the curse of slow, expensive, data-capped internet) – I am also going to share my magical formula in the step by step picture tutorial underneath it.

(edited to add – something went wrong when I tried saving the video – it is cutting all the video frames in half – don't know why – you’re stuck with the pic tutorial then! 
2nd Edit - apparently this is a bug well common to Movie Maker 2.6 devotees like myself who try to run it on newer Operating Systems - boo - I think I have lost my favourite editing tool but more importantly I am going to have to reshoot this whole video)
momdadalicejosh 004
Cut out your pieces – I have used the Tim Holtz Alterations Clock Key and Pocket Watch die and a circle die from Spellbinders to cut out the window face with the intention of turning it into a pocket locket. 
  momdadalicejosh 001
Create the background Patina by covering the whole die-cut with an opaque coat of Black Soot Distress Paint (DP – from now on) – this is very important in crating that vintage feel - so don't skip it. 
momdadalicejosh 007
Choose the embossing folder pattern - I like to use something with a highly detailed pattern as it gives me more texture, and more texture makes the piece look more vintagey. So I chose the Sizzix Alterations Damask Folder.  Run it through your Embosser.
momdadalicejosh 030momdadalicejosh 008 
Dab a glob of Tarnished Brass DP on your work surface or craft sheet and using the blending tool with the the foam applicator, gently begin burnish the embossed bits.  The trick here is to apply very light pressure in a staccato or brisk up and down motion.  Keep building up layers .  I prefer to highlight the embossed bits heavily in the Tarnished Brass DP but leave the debossed bits, slightly less covered in paint so some of the Black soot shows through.  This is what is going to achieve the vintage patina effect.
 momdadalicejosh 030gilded1 
The next step is optional.  To create the gleaming glint of vintage gold – over the Tarnished Brass DP rub on some Gilder’s Paste or Perfect Pearls. This has a two-fold effect – it blends and evens out the sponged on paint and the gold particles settle into the debossed areas such that it matts everything out but at the same time adds more gleam to the “precious metal”
gilded2 blockprints trinkets 023

To finish it off or seal it – there are three things that you could do.
You can coat in Ranger’s Glossy Accents – this looks super shiny and slick.
blockprints trinkets 024

Or you can heat emboss it with CLEAR embossing powder. Don't use gold embossing powder because you will lose all the cool dry embossed detail.
locket locket back
Or you might just want to take the fast and dirty way out and either spray clear lacquer varnish or paint high-gloss varnish onto it.  Which is what I did for the pocket locket – The heat gun was a little too fiddly for me and I didn't want to leave my chair – and that is the primary reason why I chose this method over the other.

And there you have it – You’ll be turning pieces of paper into gold in no time at all.

A few other details about this project – the stamp is from a South African company called Heritage Stamps, though I have to admit that I did tweak her eyelashes and put on more eyeliner for her..  I stamped on Ranger’s Specialty Stamping paper and I coloured the image with Ranger Distress Markers.  To create the vintage glass feel – I gave the face window a generous coat of Glossy Accents.  Once that dried – I decided it would look cooler with deep cracks in the glass, so I overcoated that with crackle accents.
heritage stamp momdadalicejosh 026 POCKET LOCKET FINISH1
I still haven't decided what I am going to do with my paper gold pocket locket.  Maybe I could swing it off of the top of a tag and turn it into a bookmark.
In the end after all the tweaks this is what it turned out like.


  1. Very cool tutorial, Candice. Your pics and your explanations of all the steps are really good. I also wanted to thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. I've been on vacation and then taught two big classes this past weekend. Getting back into the swing of things is getting the better of me! haha Hope you're having a good week so far! <3 Candy

  2. This is soooooooo cool! Love the tutorial and the crackle is a very cool effect. Love how it looks so vintage! :)

  3. this looks great, a great step by step and great finished effects. hugs trace x

  4. Thanks for sharing the process Candice, you have achieved brilliant effects.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  5. LOVE this tutorial Candice. Such a great idea for getting a vintage engraved metal look. Gotta try it (might reach for the trusty Glue n Seal for a matte finish) so watch this space! Love the vintage lady with her makeover too. The Crackle Glaze definitely works. Hugs, Jenny x

  6. Gorgeous vintage gilding - and what a fab tutorial taking us through it, thank you. I'll be back to watch the speedy video!

    And, yes, I like having the ATC and Corners die. Obviously cutting an ATC is pretty straightforward - until you want to cut really heavy duty cardboard or mountboard, or metal etc - and then the die is brilliant. Plus you get lovely rounded corners (even without the actual corners). And cutting those corners would really be fiddly - and they do finish an ATC nicely I think.
    Alison x

  7. Candice...YOU totally made me smile and made my evening when I read the comment you left on my blog. THANK YOU so much for your very kind thoughts. You being a teacher, you know how much time goes into preparing for a lesson. Then I always so excited for class but always apprehensive because I want everything to be such a great experience for the students. I'm sure you are the same way. And...when it all goes right and you see the "ah-ha!" moment on everyone's faces...followed by smiles and being so proud of their creations...well, there is nothing better! Thank you so much, Candice! <3 Candy

  8. I love the vintage look of this pocket watch! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments. I really like your style of crafting and will be a follower too!

  9. Thank you again for your kind comments :)

    I love the deep crackle-effect here. I never thought of layering both the Glossy and Crackle together, but the effect is quite awesome.

  10. Popped over from Pushing The Right Buttons - this is an awesome tute and I love the cracked glass finish. Thank you for sharing the process :0)

  11. Aaaaawwwweeessome!! Came over from punching the right buttons blog...so glad I did! A technique I will definitely be trying! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey Candice! Thanks so much for your sweet comment that you left on my blog. I am not a huge fan of clowns either ... sort of creepy actually. But, these guys were stamps ... so I knew that they could not jump off of the page and get me. haha I hope all is going well with you. I've been meeting myself coming and going between getting caught up on all of my projects and being with my family; kids and grandbabies and trying to work in some crafting time with friends, too. Why do we all have to be so busy?? :) Have a great week! <3 Candy

  13. Thank you for your lovely comment... did make me laugh! What can I say?... Great minds clearly think alike!!
    Alison xx

  14. You know how I feel about this piece as I left my comment on YouTube, but still wanted to come on here and tell you how gorgeous it is

  15. This is so brilliant! Thank you for the beautiful stepxstep! I hope I may borrow this idea from you!!! I have this die but you really showed me its true potential!

    Claudia x

    1. Thanks Claudia You are welcome to borrow any ideas on this blog - "sharing is caring" ;)


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