Friday, June 25, 2021

3 Tiny Squirrels go on a nutty adventure

 I love these tiny squirrels.  Initially I thought they are so small what can you possibly do with them?  But the ideas have been churning and this layered A5 sized card was inspired by my little girl, who told quite a lovely story as 4 year old's are prone to do about a squirrel girl who had squirrel friends. One day the little girl got lost in the forest, but she was okay because the squirrels helped her collect all the nuts they could find.  So she was not hungry and she had her friends and she decided to live there happily ever after. The End. 

So there you go - that was the inspiration behind the card featuring the 3 TINY SQUIRREL Die-set.

Yes, we can be nuts together. 

Beyond the Product 1

HELLOOOOO - I am reviving this blog.  I had a baby at 40!!!  She is now almost turning 4 years old, while keeping her out of trouble at this phase of her life requires a far more "hands-on" approach for me than I imagined it would be - her limitless quests of curiousity, have her entertained enough for a few minutes here and there while she intently focusses on whatever thing she is investigationg/tearing/taking apart/ spreading/ painting, or pulling out. 

So much has changed in 4 years - I am definitely poorer than I was pre-kid, and then there's that never-changing, irritating phenomenon of the South African Rand being absolutely dismal compared to the currencies of those first-world places where all these contraptions and craft supplies come from.  Taken together, that makes me come to a horrible self-realisation - I no longer have the financial means to be able to splurge on just everything I desire especially those trendy crafty goods with very first-world prices that my chronically broke derriere am no longer able to afford.

But when you got to get your creative fix, you make a plan - and plans I have been (in the) making. 

I got back in touch with some SOUTH AFRICAN brands/products that I used to love and I think I have actually been a little more original, creative and not fallen into that trap of (subconsciously or consciously) trying to mirror the trends and styles on the craftNet.   

Then I thought it was kind of funny, because all the South African Brand Craft Products I have been buying, have evolved in terms of how they are used and I thought it would be fun to blog about how I use these products even though its not exactly what they were actually designed, created or marketed for. 

My first share after my long hiatus are these notebook/journal covers.  I have been a fan of Luthien Thye for years who creates the most magnificent books and jewelry and cool stuff.  I always thought it was freaking awesome and I loved her notion of functional art.   So I fully give her all the credit for inspiring this little avenue of craft dabbling and for inspiring the design of most of my attempts.  I mean I tried really heard not to copy her too much, but the stuff she does is so amazing and I find myself kind of like subconsciously imitating  her because I love he style so much. - so I do give Luthien Thye the credit for the craft/design asthetic.  ALL CREDIT TO YOU Luthien Thye.

Like I have said before I am a craft dabbler with no particular interest in any particular craft, and this has really captured my interest right now.  I am really enjoying it, I have more freedom to texturise the crap out of it without worrying about it being too heavy or to bulky to post (which was always my problem with cardmaking).  Notebook covers are fun, you can indulge all kinds of madness you dont have to stay within the lines and journals are so charmingly olde-worlde charm in the digital age, that they actually make awesome gifts that everybody loves. 

Let me start with one that I gave to my dearest Mau for Christmas.  

I loved making this - it really turned out awesomely textured and chunky and antique and the glossy resin coat I treated it made me dream about finding some ancient artefact at the bottom of an Ocean.

I thought I had better pictures of this - but alas this is all I have got for now!