Friday, June 25, 2021

3 Tiny Squirrels go on a nutty adventure

 I love these tiny squirrels.  Initially I thought they are so small what can you possibly do with them?  But the ideas have been churning and this layered A5 sized card was inspired by my little girl, who told quite a lovely story as 4 year old's are prone to do about a squirrel girl who had squirrel friends. One day the little girl got lost in the forest, but she was okay because the squirrels helped her collect all the nuts they could find.  So she was not hungry and she had her friends and she decided to live there happily ever after. The End. 

So there you go - that was the inspiration behind the card featuring the 3 TINY SQUIRREL Die-set.

Yes, we can be nuts together. 

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  1. Hello, Candice!
    So nice to hear from you again! Your card and your daughters story are so sweet! I will love to follow your new creative chapter. ;-)
    Greetings from Synnøve


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