Tuesday, July 26, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 (well sorta....) inspired by ol' Tim's tag anyway~!

Its been so long since I did a post, longer still a 12 Tags (Tim Holtz) inspired project.

My uber buddy Nicol has his birthday coming up tomorrow and I wanted to make him a little birthday card to go with the gift that he is getting from me.  I unashamedly drew some technique inspiration from this month's Tim Holtz Tag over here on the left.

If you're struggling to see any kind of similarity - dont feel too confused, I rarely play samey and I usually pick the elements from the tag that I find interesting and go with that.

Here is what I came up for Nic.  

I stamped and coloured in like in the technique tutorial, I kept the idea of negative die-cutting with the leaf and the name,  There was a bit of random stitching and the addition of a silver charm that I did some more random stitchy things on.  Instant Birthday card - Thanks for the inspiration though to Tim Holtz and his July Tag.


  1. I am missing your posts, Candice! Hope you are well! Regards from Synnøve

  2. Love the bold and vibrant colours of your card - but pretty sure I've said so before... so it looks as though the comment didn't get through. Do hope all is okay with you?
    Alison x

  3. Just a quick one to say WOW - congratulations!
    Alison x


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