Sunday, May 12, 2024

Irregular holes!!!

A while ago I spied with my little eye these awesome dies from Memory box - they had an ocean theme and you could layer them to make a kind  a diorama of sorts.  I thought they were super cute.  I wanted to have them but my lowest end of middle-class South African wallet didn't.  So I almost forgot about them.  
Almost - because whilst on a shoot around on a random online marketplace that trades in South Africa - I happened upon a set of generic, non-branded set of graduated irregular border-window dies. I think you were supposed to make paper mountains out of them but I immediately thought of the memory box dies and the potential funnery colonised my head and so of course I had to get them.  
So I did.

- and then I had to make something with them - 

So I did.  

I made this little koi pond diorama-dee-da card for my mom for mother's day and she absolutely loved it.    

It turned out so stinking cute - the koi fish were also non-branded dies that I got off of Wish at some point.  I used the biggest one out of that set.  My dear darling is in the process of building us kitchen cupboards for our new place and he is busy processing some raw yellowood - the bark came off of the edges of those planks.  I made the greenery by staining and crinkling up some old wax-paper chip bags then cutting out strips of pond weed looking thingies.  It was a lot of funnery indeedery.
I have so many ideas in my ol' noggin for all kinds of projects with these irregular border layering dies.

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