Wednesday, January 3, 2024

More works in progress - you win some - you lose some

 Nothing too much to say about this - except that it was a fun thing to do - I broke from my recent Dala Ink obsession and went back to good old Tim Holtz Distress ink to ink the elements.  My favourite part was inking a brown bag in 'evergreen bough'/'moss-something-or-the-other' and then fussy-cutting curling it up to make the seaweed.

This next one below is an idea that I am kicking around with.  I dont particularly love it enough yet to give it's own post - but it is still fun to keep messing with it  to see where it goes.


Lastly - this is one that I am not fond of at all.  I am discovering that my attempts at a vintage style - might not be my thing AT ALL .  So like here in this one below I feel like I don't get the elements and/or the layout right and it just looks like a bunch of things got stuck together with a stray piece of chewed up bubblegum on some dirty ol' rubbish bin.  And maybe I need to wash my blender brushes because all my inking looks a little dirty. And quite clearly this is a choice of palette that does not work together - but hey - you live you learn. What's that thing they say - "Creativity is about making mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep" or something like that?

This one is NOT the one to keep


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  1. I locked myself out of the real1001 email several years ago, otherwise, I would have emailed you and told you congratulations on having a Child, as I know how much they means to you.


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