Friday, June 13, 2014

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2014 – June Edition

007Would you believe it – I even managed to get my June tag ready before halfway through the month? 
Ever since I bought a series of Tim Holtz stencils, I have become very attached to them.  I was particularly excited to get started on this tag because it was  about cool stencil effects.  And since I now own a stack of these (Yes they finally arrived in my little dorpie in South Africa), I take every chance I get to bust them out and make up for the long lost time that I had to do without them. The technique this month was deliciously simple but a fabulous watercoloury stencil effect. 

In my last post – I showed you a background I did for the “Follow Your Heart” tag.  What I did was lightly mist the cardstock with water and only ink up the stencil, then I pressed the stencil down onto the wet cardstock.  I like this batik look and I do like the way the die pools up in certain places.
The technique Tim demonstrates for the stencil background of his June tag is very similar – except that he inks and mists the stencil and doesnt print on damp cardstock.  His method is so much more vibrant and gives a really lovely blended coverage.  See his tag here:
One of the personal goals I set for  myself every month for this particular tag-share is to reinterpret the elements and theme such that it does preserve the technique and theme of the tag while challenging me to be more creative with my style.  I think its fun or like a really cool game to create something within certain boundaries but with the freedom to superimpose my brand of creative urging.
I am going to share a mini step-by-step of how I made this tag which I turned into a card topper.  I am going to try and show exactly what elements I kept and re-interpreted.




Well there it is then – I kinda had fun doing the pic-torials with the arrows and the text as well.  Until later!


  1. oh wow - it´s fantastic!!!!!!

  2. Candice...your tag is AWESOME! I love all of the steps you have taken to make this technique and the tag completely your own. What a very cool idea and design. I love the fact that you created your own sentiment with die cut letters. Great blog post and pictures, too. Thanks for the sweet comment you left for me regarding the glitter challenge from a couple of months ago!! You are so sweet. Love your art!! <3 Candy

  3. I love how you've reinterpreted the tag elements - especially the feather boa, genius! I think you may be a winner again :)

  4. Candice - you never cease to amaze me!! Your tag is fantastic - I love the colours and the different textures. Fabulous!!!. I love the way you've set out your instructions too - glad you had fun doing it. You should be sending this to yourself - you are a star!! Take care and keep crafting! Jean.x

  5. It's such a pleasure witnessing your creative process... this is another triumphant take on one of Tim's tags, taking the inspiration he offers and running with it to a place all your own! Brilliant and beautiful... thanks so much for sharing it all with us in such detail as it came into being.
    Alison xx

  6. Okay seriously I LOVE all of your tags.
    This one is over the top awesome!
    I love your take on this tag. I love how you did your sentiment
    Everything on your tag flows so nicely together
    I have yet to even think of mine ;)

  7. Absolutely brilliant Candice, just love your versatility and this amazing tag xx

  8. Hi ya ! glad to see you got your hands on the layering stencils....and what fantastic use you've made of them ! love your tag and your great blog presentation !! toni xx

  9. Fantastic take on the June tag, I love it and such a great tutorial as well! Chris :-D


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