Monday, June 16, 2014

Pigs can fly


002Thought I’d share this really simple card that took only about 10 minutes to make.  It is a trifold or a “Z” card fold.  When you need to make a bunch of different card that are cool but dont take a lot of time, this is a handy go-to design.

You Need:

  • 2 o3 colours of Ink
  • 1 crazy stamp
  • Imagination for the sentiment
  • Calligraphy  or  chisel nibbed  Pen to write the sentiment
  • Contrasting Gel Pen if you want to add more flair to the Letterring
  • Fun button or embellishment



  • fold A4 sheet into 3 equal sections A, B and C.
  • From the B section, start from about 2/3rd’s from the bottom of the card and start to draw a gentle curve all the way to the opposite edge of about 1/3rd from the bottom of section C
  • Cut away the top portion
  • Fold into a Z Shape

You can also glue down the open edge of the C- section to create a little pocket where you can insert a gift card or trinket.



  1. Candice, your card really made me smile - love it. The calligraphy is great and looks very professional. Thanks for sharing. Jean.x

  2. Loving the calligraphy, Candice - it's such a great skill to develop and really makes your card stand out as unique. The pig is fabulously quirky... I have seen him somewhere, but can't help with where, sorry! Cracking card!
    Alison xx

  3. Such a fun card !!!
    I love the colours and your sentiment.
    I do calligraphy..the old fashion way, teehee.
    This looks like a fun technique to try as well :)

  4. Konnichiwa comment arigatou-gozaimasu. Totemo suteki na card desu ne! kono stamp wa tabun Graphic 45 no 'Olde Curiosity Shoppe Collection' dato omoimasu.
    Eigo no shuji (calligraphy) mo ojo-zu desu. Candice-san wa Nihongo ga totemo jozu desu ne! 5 nen-kan Nagasaki-ken ni itasoudesu ne, Watashi wa Saga-ken ni sunde imasu Nagasaki-ken wa tonari desu. Blog haiken itashimashita (mimashita), crafts to temo ojozu desu ne, iro ga totemo kireidesu, mochiron idea ga subarashii to omoi masu. Video wo mimashita ga totemo owakai katanoyoudesu ne, craft dewa shoshinsha(beginner) desu ga watashi wa anata no obaa-chan gurai no toshi desu.
    Demo itsu demo Nihongo wo hanashi kakete iidesu yo. Etsuko xx

  5. Do wish you'd stop calling your calligraphy an 'attempt'! It's beautiful! LOVE the flying pig too. Those are often to be seen outside our windows and it's nice to know this is a global thing :) Hope you have a great time seeing your family. Jenny x

  6. This is gorgeous! Having learnt calligraphy when I was very young, still at primary school (sadly now it is becoming a lost art) I can tell you that you are VERY good at it! I have been trying to find an email address for you as I would like to email you about something, could you email me? The link is on my blog....Thanks so much! Love Laura xxxxxxxxx

  7. Great card Candice, love your calligraphy (simply superb) and the flying pig is cool too. Thanks for the how to, I need to start doing simpler projects and this will inspire me to do so.
    :) Chris / CS Designs

    PS. I am going to re-open my Recycle challenge again soon and as part of it I am having a bit of a Blog Candy event on my Doodle Pieces. I would love to have you come play along. :)

  8. That's a great card, interesting fold and wonderful writing. The flying pig looks like the one from Graphic45 - Hampton Art. "Olde Curiosity Shoppe Collection"


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