Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Selective Frame Embossing–Tips for getting the dents only in the places you want it


027.e026.eI am going to share my new favourite thing to do.  Right kids, hands up if you have become addicted to colourable doll stamps?  Now -other hand up if you suffer from anxiety when you want both the stamp and the embossing pattern to exist on the same piece of paper?  Now raise your right foot if you want the embossed pattern to hug the image and not emboss the image as well.  I am raising all my appendages right now – like an impatient kid in a classroom who’s bursting to win teacher’s approval.

I cant take too much credit for this idea.  I sorta adapted the idea from those selective embossing frames that Ranger sells.  Squares, rectangles and arches are nice and all but I wanted customised frame embossing for my stamps.  I like the texturised backgrounds but I also want the texture not to interfere with the focal point of my card.  So here is the solution that I came up with.


  • Book Cover Board or any heavyweight chipboard
  • Awesome Stamp
  • Craft knife or if you have a cutter that will do a print and cut and can cut chipboard – that will make your arthritis miraculously disappear
  • Patience
  • Embossing Folder and Embossing Machine


    Use your piece as your awesomely cool card or tag topper!
    I’d love to see what you come up with – if you would like to share it – post a link to your creation in the comments section.





  1. Candice - thanks so much for sharing this very useful tip. I would never of thought of that. I usually end up cutting out my coloured piece and sticking it on top of the embossed background - your way makes it so much cleverer (if that's a word!). I must admit that I'm a bit of a one-sided tip addict. I collect bits of information from loads of places but never have any unique stuff of my own to share. If I ever do think of something original, I'll be sure to share it with you. Love your pieces of art - your doll colouring is fabulous. Take care. Jean.x

  2. Very clever! It's always a bug bear of mine that I cant' get a flat surface for embellishments and stamped images - now I know how! Love the way this works. Thank you so much for sharing. Jenny x


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