Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Masculine Card–Share 2

They say technology has brought the world closer. I can video chat in real time with anyone half way across the world at will.  I know exactly what some facebook acquaintance has had for dinner (with a picture). I get a blow by blow account of  how someone’s #baby-is-throwing up on #twitter.

Sure, these are great conveniences, it is awesome to be in instant touch with your friends and family and share information and sure, sometimes it maybe a little too much information – I have never been able to make myself have a dignified, undisgusted reaction to people sharing ALL parts of their bathroom experiences publically on social media (I am not even kidding about this). 

So despite the pros of instant electronic communication and connection – I have to admit that I am still a huge fan of old school, snail mail, or hard copy post.  I love getting letters and cards in my little post box.  I decided that I have to single-handedly start a old school post preservation revolution and send hand written letters and cards to people I care about. 

DSC01655 I decided that my first order of business was to send one to the lovely “Chairman Mau” – I have blogged about the fabulous “Chairman” and how much I totally adore him before.  I mean seriously, I couldn’t not adore someone who will strike this face-pose with me in photo solidarity???? I really love people with a great sense of silly!

Did I mention that I also want to revolutionise my thematic staples for masculine cards?  In I put this together – and haven’t put it in the mail already – so I hope the Chairman doesn’t read this post before he goes to pick up his post at his postbox – it's going to be a surprise.

It’s a skinny tri-fold of A4 sheet.  I have a thing for Kraft cardstock so there it is.
Card front 001I finally played around with my Prima Doll stamps. I coloured them in with Distress Markers and watercolour pencils from Derwent. I took the liberty of altering the hair a bit to look a little more like me...

The card folds out to reveal two panel and then three panel layout.

I left one of the panels un-imaged so that I could write a more personal letter and attach it to the card.

This was an attempt of a merge between a uniquely personal and yet humourous card.
I didnt have a cheese stamp so I just drew it in with Distress Markers – and waterwashed around it to give it a bit of a frame.
I handwrote the “in-joke” sentiment/message with a Sakura white gelly roll pen on lightweight black cardstock.  

 What do you think? Who says boy cards have to be all tools, cars and gone-fishing like?

NB:  “Bosphorus” is one of those “in-endearments”….in case the grammar nazi in you is scratching your head!


  1. This is stunning.
    I love your colouring and your tri-fold card.
    I agree, I love snail mail. I have to admit, I don't send it out often enough myself.

  2. What do I think??? I think your tri-fold card is awesome! I totally love it! Your Prima paper dolls are awesome! You colorized them so beautifully with the water color pencils. I also love the backgrounds behind them. Love the hand drawn cheese and the white lettering on the black cardstock. I envy anyone who can do lettering so beautifully. Someday maybe I will train myself to do that. :) I enjoyed reading your blog post and I agree...guys don't always need "masculine" tools, nuts and bolts junk on cards. Loved the photo, too!! Also...thank you for the very very sweet comment you left on my blog. It means a lot to me! <3 Candy

  3. A stunning design with an awesome mixed media feel. Love the vintage feel to it as well.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Hello again! Had to come back by and take another peek at your very cool card using the Prima paper dolls. I just love it! I also wanted to sincerely thank you for the comment you left on my blog about the new "Words" book that posted last night. I'm so glad that you liked it so much. Those little manila folder books are so fun and so inexpensive. Enjoy your weekend, my friend. <3 Candy

  5. This is absolutely superb! I adore the way you've altered the dolls to look like you and the handwritten sentiments. Pinning! Jenny x

  6. Love the trifold, and the brilliant colours throughout - a fabulous look!
    Alison xx


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