Thursday, March 27, 2014

TIM HOLTZ MARCH TAG 2.0– I got me some stencils–yeah baby yeah!

march2fullsmlSo Mr Tim was in the country and did a retailers workshop and he brought with him some stencils.  Now I didn’t get to confiscate his luggage at the airport like Toni suggested I should, nor did I get to go to the workshop because it was too far away from where I live and I had work commitments among other things and so I drooled as my Holtz-happy friends Venesia Ramsey, Ethne LeRoux and Pamla Nagappa tweeted a running commentary on all the fun that they were having there. 

When Venesia and Ethne returned – Aunty Ethne sent me a lovely message saying that they had brought back a whole bunch of stencils (previously unavailable in South Africa) and that she had kept a set aside for me to get first dibs on.  I LOVE AUNTY ETHNE! 

 So I flew out of my office the quickest that I could and went around to get my greedy hands on some stencils.  So long story short I HAVE STENCILS – not just any only stencils – the bonafide Tim Holtz release of stencils.  Ofcourse now I am going to have to remake the March Tag because I have everything needed – the Sprtizer, the stencils and more importantly – the enthusiasm!!!!

handSo here is the March Tag 2.0.  Its the version that uses all the legitimate supplies like the proper stencils and the spritzer.  Had way too much fun mucking around with this – I just had to post!  I am going to submit this one too to the TH BLOG for March – am I allowed to do that?  I mean can we submit more than one project, it turned out so brilliantly I think, I really, really want to share it.  Yeah, I think I am going to post it - they will kick me out if I did do something naughty.
Some details that I was super happy with were the triple stamped feather, all slightly offset by a few micromillimetres and the white shadow-stamped.  Loved how it gave it shadow and more dimension. 

I liked it when I accidentally tried to clean up a spatter brush leak under the stencil by water-brushing it and it created a yummy watercoloured blending that made both the stencilled spatter pop but also made the hand the key focal point.

fig details

I love the shadows here,  I stamped on acetate and used some some gold paint to paint the enamel dots.  It reminds me those little glass plaques they have on displays at museums or those kinds of places.
creating tab

I washi-taped and baker’s twined and hemp twined to draw attention to the wordband.  I swiped on Salty Ocean Distress Paint over the top and then cleaned off where I didnt want the paint to go.  I liked this particular band because “Chairman Mau” have spent a few good hours talking about self re-invention and learning to be the better versions of ourselves.


I think the Glossy Accented speckled egg and bug wings were my favourite bit of this tag – but that could very well be more about my obsession with Glossy Accents than anything more profound.

I am giving this tag to the “Chairman” ofcourse – because of the sentimentality of that wordband – “Life is about creating yourself” and also because he just spent the last couple of days doing all kinds of handyman jobs around the house, for free, cos he’s lovely like that.



  1. I have to say your handyman is lovely…very lovely indeed ;)
    I have to say I really LOVE your tag!!
    the colours are so vibrant and those stamps are awesome.
    I just completed my tag for this month, I will post it tomorrow :)

  2. Wow! A brilliant tag! Best take on the March tag so far from my point of view!
    Claudia x

  3. You created some eye catching tags! Love how colorful they are.

  4. I saw this on Pinterest and had to stop by! Awesome Tag 2.0! LOL HOW COULD YOU NOT GO...HE WAS RIGHT THERE!!!! Work or not;) Enjoy all your new goodies. I hear ya, I just got the spritzer last night and I have been spritzing today and blogging my mess! Great colourful tag!

  5. Wow brilliant tag, the colours are beautifully vibrant and great stamping. Shame you didn't get to see Tim but at least you got some new goodies xx

  6. OH MY GOSH!!! Your Tim Tag version 2 is absolutely brilliant! Aren't Tim's stencils just the coolest?! I love your bright, vivid colors that you've used on this tag! The hand looks awesome and the accidental shading behind it really makes it pop! I love happy accidents! You really did Tim's new stencils proud with this tag! Way to go! <3 Candy

  7. You totally make my day! Your comments are so sweet. I thank you so much and I'm thrilled that my March Tim Tags are making such a hit with you!! : ) You're awesome! <3 Candy

  8. Yay you got stencils!! :) This tag is awesome! Great colors too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and talking about Tim Holtz colors. That helped me use some colors (besides brown) for some projects I'm working on! :)

  9. Doing a catch up and had to come see this. I love the way you dive on in there with colours and overstamping and oh boy what great effects you got. So glad you got the stencils too. Jenny x

  10. Wowzer... can completely see why you had to share this - it's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! Stunning colours and stamping and so easy to see how inspired you were in the creating of it. So happy to hear you got something out of TH's visit - and looking forward to seeing lots more stencilling.
    Alison xx


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