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Tim Holtz Tags of 2013 – May submission

maytagI am a little late with my submission this time around.  It is nearing exam time for my students so I have been concentrating on that blog a bit more.  Also, I am a tweaker – I tweak at things until I get them to a point where I am marginally satisfied – I have a problem leaving things alone.  The good news is that I managed to stay somewhat close to the Tim Holtz design this time….with a few tweaks….okay maybe a few good more than a few tweaks. 
Mr Holtz bust out all my favourite colours this time around for his tag. So anyway – here is what Tim Holtz did on the left.  The challenge was to use his line of “Remnant Rubs”.  I loved the look of that tag.  Remember how In the 80’s it was popular to have a white background and then just a few key elements highlighted in neon hues – I love that he reversed that in this – where the key elements remain uncoloured and the background is all coloured up on steroids.  Here below – is my “rendering”.

th & mothers day 012e
Now for the tweaking bits.
  • I decided to use a Kraft Tag instead of a white one.  I love how Distress ink and stains look on Kraft.  It automatically renders a vintage quality to it. 
  • I do actually have the Remnant Rubs, I waited until I got them to even begin the tag.  Once I got them though and began the technique – I felt like, the vision I had in my head for the tag needed larger images than the size of the images on the sheet of remnant rubs.  The larger images like the flourishes didn't quite work with what I was seeing in my head.  So I cheated and used the stamp version of the images that I wanted from the remnant rubs. 
    But I still wanted to preserve the integrity of the resist effect that remnant rubs provide – so I decided to do something that I have discovered before when I wanted to create a resist effect.  I stamped the images in archival ink, let it dry thoroughly and then with a fairy sized paint brush – applied clear polyurethane varnish over the bits that I wanted.   I was happy with the look – remnant rub-ish enough!
  • I then inked with Distress Inks and Stain.  I wanted a sort of ethereal, glowy bit in the centre where I was going to ghost stamp one of the images from the Photo Set.  So I used some White picket fence distress paint and then stamped the image in Archival Black.  When I flicked water over that bit – it created white glowing star-looking blobs – SERENDIPITOUS!!!
  • To recreate the ripped off effect, I tore a piece of a post-it note to mask off a rip line (I am not sure a “rip-line” is a genuinely legitimate artsy term – but just if anybody hears it again – you saw it here first ;) )
th & mothers day 002 th & mothers day 008 th & mothers day 006 th & mothers day 017e
  • I like busy, floating texture on stuff – and in my opinion, my tag was looking too flat, even though I had ghosts appearing out of the cosmos in the centre of the tag.  I wanted more texture on the side of the tag, So I inked a piece of manila tag that I cut to a shape that I liked and stamped on that with one of the images on the remnant rub (i.e the text from the Visual Artistry Lost and Found Clear Stamp Set) and glued that over most of the Bingo image on the side.
  • I felt it needed more interesting bits.  I had to work the filmstrip.  I don't have the Filmstrip roll as in the Idea-ology kind – but what I did have was the filmstrip stamp  (Visual Artistry Lost and Found Clear Stamp Set) and “Clearly for Art” Transparency film.  The moment I stamped the filmstrip on that (which was remarkably difficult to do because it kept sliding all over the place like the 80’s video tracer special FX), I knew that I wanted to roll up the film.  I honestly tried laying it down flat like the original Tim Holtz tag, but I couldn't, I really couldn't – I had to have it curled.  I heated it up and rolled it into a scroll and as we all love it for – Clearly For Art keeps its moulded shape as soon as it cools.  I attached the side scroll to the edge of the card with an Idea-ology hinge-clip.  I punched a hole in the other strip, added a grommet, and positioned it directly over the hole on the tag so that I could thread the fabric strips through it.  To secure it a little more I used some wonder tape on the back – to keep in the perfect angle that I wanted it in. I used a clock face (not a Tim Holtz item though – ssssshhhh – its from Chronology, and a washer and an Idea-ology pen nib because I frickin love those.  I love fountain pens in general.
th & mothers day 024e    th & mothers day 030e th & mothers day 022th & mothers day 028e
  • In my head, I already knew which quote stamp would match the theme of this tag – I wanted to preserve some of the “white background” look that the Remnant Rubs on white cardstock gave but I still wanted the ghostly people cosmos background to still be visible as a layer, so what I ended up doing was stamping the quote on a piece of acetate in Staz-on.  When it dried, I flipped it over and used a white French Manicure Nail Pen to highlight just the stamped text.  I like how that turned out – gotta do that more often.
  • The plain acetate looked a bit unfinished so I faux-soldered it with a line of glossy accents around the edges and then when it dried sufficiently to touch – I brushed Pearl-Ex all over it so that it would look like glass that has been gilded.  This turned out to be quite messy and I didn't manage to keep the Pearl-Ex on just the edges of the acetate.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some!
  • The left-hand bottom corner was looking a bit bare and it was crying out for something – so I put a splotchy blob of crackle accents on there and you know all the excess Pearl-Ex that was just hanging about the tag doing nothing useful but not exactly dusting off either, I dragged as much of it as I could down to the crackly splotch – that seemed to tie everything & mothers day 010
  • I wasn't done with the texturing yet, it’s like how I tell my students to focus on the key ideas when they are trying to learn something instead of trying to recall every single sentence in the book, we needed a keyword here to create a focal point.  I really love those plastic idea-ology alphaparts – I cant stop myself from buying them and sticking them on everything.  In fact I have a grand plan to label all my cans and storage boxes with them.  So it is only natural that I reached for them to lay down the focal point.  I love how thick and dimensional they are – spiffy dahrlings!
th & mothers day 034e  th & mothers day 022 th & mothers day 005
  • I hammered some gold brads flat and stuck those down on the top left hand corner in a stripe. 
  • I cut two strips of calico and length of hessian string.  I distress inked one of the calico strips and left the other plain then I threaded all three lengths of trim through the hole on the top of the tag.
They say you should stop when you feel like you want to do just one more thing.  I ruminated about adding the enamel tag which I copied directly with the appropriate remnant rubs but when I tried to find a place for it – it just didn't seem to fit well with the overall look. 
And there it is – the May tag for the 12 Tags of 2013 Tim Holtz challenge. 


  1. Fabulous... so much to see and absorb! Love your "fake" giant rub-ons, and the amazing texture and dimension you've created - what a great take on the May tag!
    Alison x

  2. Thanks! You are always so encouraging and super sweet!

  3. A fabulous design and wonderful detail on your tag, I love how you pull everything together to create a balanced, harmonious layout. TFS.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

    1. Thanks Brenda - that means a lot coming from you!

  4. Tincan...your tag is amazing! I so love all of the color, texture and detail you've put into this little work of art! I am like you in that I think something NEEDS dimension and texture!! I also love Tim's Pen Nibs and Filmstrip Ribbon; well, all of his Ideaology actually! :) You did a great job of improvising on the filmstrip ribbon. It looks fantastic! You did a beautiful job on this tag. I also wanted to thank you so much for the very kind comments you left on my blog today. You made me smile and for that, I thank you!!! Love your tag! <3 Candy

    1. Hi Candy, Wow now I am smiling from all the lovely things that you have said. I am nuts about idea-ology too. Did I tell you that I am a Candy too. My real name is Candice and my nickname is Candi!

  5. Stunning tag, love the 'tweaks'! x

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Nikki - I loved visiting your blog today!

  6. Hello Candi! Me again... the other Candy. haha I love your name! :) Thanks for the very nice comment you left on my blog about my melt art mania piece. Melt art is really fun and with your talent, oh my telling what you would come up with! haha I loved reading your idea about trying the make your own melt pot with a coffee maker and a teeny frying pan. I'm not sure it will get hot enough because it really does take a lot of heat to melt and then keep the UTEE in a melted state while you're working with it. But, it sure doesn't hurt to try it! I hope it works for you. <3 Candy

    1. Hi Candy with a Y.

      I havent gotten around to it yet - I literally spent the entire evening playing with air drying modelling clay. I will let you know how it turns out when I do.....I did think about what you said though about it needing a high temperature to melt, and now I am thinking that I could maybe stick the teeny frying pan on one of those electric hot-plate thingies on a low to medium heat. Thanks for leaving a comment here!

  7. Wow, your tag is awesome! I really love the colours and details, and you discover more cool effects the more you look :-)

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Best wishes from Norway :-)

  8. Beautiful, you have a very distinctive style! Can't wait to see what you come up for june :)

    1. That is sweet of you to say. Despite me having all the supplies for this month's challenge - I just cant seem to get myself to sit down and make one. Maybe tonight I will though!


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