Monday, May 13, 2013

Cards, cuts and the amazing things you can do with MAKE THE CUT

On one of my pin-surfing trips this weekend – I found the most adorable French dresser type card that I instantly fell in love with.
And Mother’s day was coming up and I still hadn’t made a card for my mama by then.  So I decided that this would be really cute to do and that she would love it because she’s a dresser kinda gal.  It was too cute and I had to try my hand at it.

Anyhow, I didn't have any cut patterns for the dresser so I turned to my favourite cutting programme ever – MAKE THE CUT and designed my own super cute French dresser with drawers. 
th & mothers day 017 (2)eI think I have  worked out how to  how to host and link a downloadable file on blogger (much love to Lindsay from the
for showing me how to do this) – I am  making those cut files available to all you cool readers of this blog too so that “if you get the feeling” – you don't have to spend an hour searching for a cut file and then suddenly realise that you could just do it yourself on MTC, then spend another half hour drawing that.  It will hopefully be available right here:

- MTC Project file  Download link -

- Plain SVG Download link -

If you don't have MTC or a digital cutter (which you really should if you don't because it is so stinking brilliant).  I am going to try and save the images in a PPT so that you can print and then cut out by hand – the layers are all so simple it is totally cuttable by hand even with those big, clunky round ended toddler scissors.  You may be able to find those here:
 - PPT Download link -  

Someone let me know if these links work please.

There are way too many cute ideas I have in my head right now that I could use this basic cut file for.  How about a mirror stand and some chairs?

I used a digital cutter to cut out the layered pieces,I cut it out of Flexoid – which is oil resistant gasket paper sold at a autoparts store.  My dad actually turned me onto this when he saw my grungepaper, and thought it looked really similar to gasket paper.  It doesn't work as well as grungeboard (being that it
wasn’t particularly designed for crafting, or to be be pretty) but it is a pretty decent second and I can buy it by the metre, which for me is like a present – I am a ridiculous bulk-buying freak.

th & mothers day 010
Anyhow, once I assembled all the layer pieces together – I stuck some acetate on the inside of the folded window pieces and then applied a super generous layer of Dala Hard Polyurethane varnish and Glossy accents -   I sort of wanted it to look like thick bubbly hand-blown vintage glass.  It didn't turn out the way I imagined but I wasn’t entirely displeased with the final effect.

Just before I folded the window layer – I painted the inside piece white with a light blue tint.  I then varnished the whole thing with Dala Polyurethane Hard Varnish.  It reminded me of those old cabinets and things my granddad used to have lying around.  My granddad was a carpenter and there were always crazy, cool things about his house, including various bits of furniture and pianos that he used to restore.

th & mothers day 012e

To make the background I used one of my favourite new Spellbinders M-bossabilites embossing folders that I got a few months ago.   They are dual textured embossing folders.  You just flip it depending on which texture you want.  This particular one is my favourite – it has a bark/woodgrain texture on one side and brick texture on the other on the other. Their designs are so rad.I distressed inked that in Fired Brick (naturally!) The hue of the Flexoid paper is sort of halfway between Kraft and Manila Tag, so the debossed contrast of the “plaster”is just perfect.    
To add a little dimension – I sort of pleated and fanned out a teeny piece of red silk ribbon to make the burlesque-y secret spill out of the drawer.

I stuck a sewing pin through it to hold it in place and give it structure then poured on super glue to seal it. 

I used the wire cutting bit on a set of pliers to snip off the head and the point of the sewing pin.

Then I just super glued that down – I used some Chiswick adhesive foam squares to pop the top drawer out a bit over it.

For the assembly of the card, I folded a piece of kraft card stock, stamped all over it with one of the new line of Chiswick clear stamps in sepia archival ink and then cut a piece of black cardstock to provide the sandwich contrast between the fired red brick and and the neutral background of the kraft base.
I used the We-R-Memory Keepers Stub and Deco punch to clean up the corners and stuck those pieces together with snail adhesive from Crafter’s Companion.  I really like Crafter’s Companion adhesives, including the spray adhesive – It’s pretty strong and its reliable – I feel like I never have to worry about the nozzle gunging up or the snail runner slipping and stuff. 

The inside of the card was not too spectacular – I tried to keep it primitive – I’m afraid my obsession with gears and iron and steampunk love never quite left though – even though I tried hard to keep it in check.  Here is the crazy inside – just a few scribbles and I also wanted to test out these new Bic (kokies, if you’re South African – markers if you’re not) that I got at Dischem (???!??!) that have “INK EATER” markers.  I thought it might look kinda cool to have a zebra type print going on with the lettering – it was passable, it turned out looking much more doodle-sketchy than I intended….oh well…wasn’t that bad though.

I cant wait to play around more with this look.  I loved the contrast of the red brick and wood.  I think just a window with a funky blind against that brick background might also be pretty rad. The whole think made me think of those cool  old warehouses remodelled into bohemian apartments, that you would find in like New York, habitated in by hipster-trendy art people.   The  best part was that my mom loved it – I didn’t even put it in an envelope – I just had it hanging out on the front of the gift bag and it looked like it was suspended by the MOM bunting as well.  Super cool all around. 

So anyway that is it for now.  I’ll see what I can do about trying to upload the cut files.


  1. Love your grungy version so much... amazing that you spotted the potential of the pastel pink thing!
    Alison x

    1. Thanks - I am trying to see if I can create a dresser with a mirror now and I am scouring the web for mirror film.

    2. P.S - I think I managed to insert the cut file links!

  2. How clever this is, live how you created this card and the effects you achieved.
    hugs {Brenda} x0x

    1. Thanks Brenda. The bricks folder from Spellbinders is my new favourite thing!

    2. P.S - I think I managed to insert the cut file links!

  3. Wow....this is a really cool project with some awesome details that could be used any number of ways! :) I love that! Thank you for the how to's and the links to download the images. I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I appreciate it! <3 Candy

    1. Thank you, and you're welcome - your stuff is always so amazing - I am always in awe!

  4. the card looks great! Good luck with the file sharing!


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