Sunday, March 1, 2015


Totally thrilled to be the Challenge Host for March over at Our Creative Corner.
The theme that I have chosen is:

So my challenge to you is to create something out of any kind of junk and re-fashion it either into something useful, functional or beautiful. 

I am leaving the challenge open to your interpretation of what constitutes “Junk”. 
It may mean a set of hideously patterned china that you want to smash up and a make a mosaic...
It may mean reams of patterned paper you have lying around that you turn into a collage masterpiece...
It may mean doing something with skeins of wool that you intended to make a a sweater with...
It may mean doing something with rusty keys,nuts and bolts and random pieces of wire that you pick up off the street... 
It may mean using the strings on an old harp to make a cheese-cutter…

It may mean making a robot out of Aluminium Roof Flashing!!!
You can create whatever you want to, however you want to and with whatever you want to.
The only rules are that your project MUST contain something that you have reclaimed or recycled.
For the challenge I used some leftover polystyrene ceiling tiles, some garden junk and an old mask that had some curious elements to it
and made this awesome inspirational faux wood panel wall hanging.  Actually I made it to hang over my ugly flatscreen tv that I almost never turn on.
Why dont you go create something beautiful from the Junk in Your Trunk?  Share your project at the Junk in Your Trunk Challenge over at Our Creative Corner and you might be the crafter chosen to win some goodies from the sponsor for this month:
Now I bet you are wondering how on earth that ceiling tile turned into wood?  Well I am about to show you some crafty magic.
STEP ONE – Flip the tile over to the flat side and mark off  “plank sized” panels with a rule or as in my case – a T-Square. Using a pencil or embossing tool, draw in the woodgrain effect and gnarly knots if you wish.  I also drew in some gash marks for a really weathered effect
STEP TWO – This was the hardest, stinkiest and potentially toxically dangerous part.  I used a soldering iron to melt in the grain and knots. WARNING – the fumes produced by burning polystyrene are toxic – either work outside or with a respirator and extraction fan indoors.
STEP THREE – Paint the whole debossed burned-in grains and knots tile in black first and then drybrush with brown and ochre acrylic paint.  Dont use solvent paint because it will eat right through the polystyrene.
STEP FOUR – Paint your twigs, bark and feathers, Wrap wire around your twigs – stain the wire if you wish. Arrange your twigs, bark and feathers in the way you prefer
STEP FIVE – Cut/Carve the polystyrene tile into single planks and do some fancy lettering.  The words were manipulated and designed in Make The Cut and cut out on my cutter/plotter.  You could just do this by printing and fussy-cutting as well.  I just glued them down on the “planks” and used 3D Gloss Super Heavy Gel and overcoated with Glossy Accents on the “Conceive”.  I painted a chalky finish on the “Believe” and I used Dala White Puff Paint on the “Receive” which I puffed and then painted with Dala Craft Acrylic.
STEP FIVE – arrange pieces on faux wood panel and add the last twigs, quill and feather embellishments
STEP SIX – Now you’re good to go


  1. You really amaze me! This is so cool. Rustic and funky. So fun to follow your really special projects. Hug from Synnøve

  2. I love what you made here from the "junk in your trunk" Mine is coming along nicely. Just a few finishing touches needed!

  3. Wow, very creative, love the wood panel look - gorgeous!! Best whishes for your hosting month! Kerstin

  4. Wow! I have to say your project here using all these unusually recycled items just blow me away! Your art and imagination is absolutely amazing Candice! Truly this is so beautiful. Who would of thought ceiling tiles and sticks could look so good. Thank you for the inspiration you give us over at the OCC. Fun challenge my teamie! xxx Laurie

  5. Holy Moly, Candice!! AMAZE-Balls transformation!! Just WOW!! How very, very clever to use left-over ceiling tiles!! Your alteration of plastic squares, into rustic wood--AWESOME!! Fantastic challenge at Our Creative Corner! I can't wait to see what the participants are going to come up with!! XOXO-Shari

  6. Fantastic project, Candice ! I love the faux wood and the bright colours of the embellishments. I was so thrilled about your challenge theme, and you honoured it so brilliantly !

  7. Hi Candice, wow you took me back to my school days soldering shapes on polystyrene! I had completely forgotten about how I used to love doing that. What a great piece of art and a great challenge. Hugs Jan x

  8. What a wonderful project Candice, you really put your junk to great use!! A fabulous challenge and a great Hostess! hugs :)

  9. Dear Candice, first of all thank you for the great challenge…it was fun!! I love your recycling, it’s amazing what you came up with…awesome use of ceiling tile, especially now when I saw whole process...beautiful colourful creation!!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  10. You are the Queen of using repurposed objects.
    Love how your sign turned out!!!
    Pretty awesome

  11. Fabulous background texture and creative idea.

    Hugs Diane

  12. Fabulous background texture and creative idea.

    Hugs Diane

  13. you have created some amazing texture x

  14. Brilliant piece of art - love all the texture

  15. Wow!!! Fabulous piece of art, made from scratch with junk bits and bobs indeed!!!! I'm speechless! Really love this original master work, will remember it, thank you again for this junk challenge and your amazing piece as a perfect sample!!! Hugs, Coco

  16. Thanks for the wonderful words you wrote about me on the introduction to my Guest post! I really appreciate it. Sorry my sneak was late, I have my Mom in hospital and am chasing my tail between my classes, family and hospital visits. She collapsed on Monday and I thought it was a heart attack, turns out to be a severe bladder infection and she will hopefully come home tomorrow.

  17. Fantastic, Candice! And I just love that you've created something so full of heart and colour and creativity in order to cover up a television - there's something really powerful in that statement alone!! Brilliant theme - and I'm sure you'll get loads of interesting entries.
    Alison xx


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