Saturday, September 6, 2014

RETRO Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2014– August

Disclaimer:  I didn't make it in time for Tim Holtz in August because I was busy with another exciting project that I will tell you about on the 11th of this month!

I did promise myself this that I would commit to make a tag for every month of 2014 – so I decided to go ahead and make one retroactively.

If I am submitting to the Holtz Collection, I try to stay within the Tim Holtz / Ranger line of products,stamps, trinkets and dies.  That challenges me to be original in the interpretation and arrangement of something familiar and well-known to his global fan-base.  I gotta tell ya though, while it’s lovely to rework the theme with my existing stash of Holtz’ings, the pressure gets cranked up. I always kinda think – it’s like taking a famous symphony and then putting your own touch on it, this is an extremely high-risk enterprise!!!  The devotees hold you to high standard so to deliver a half-holtzed attempt is something akin to sacrilege right? 

So since I didn't make the TH Blog deadline, I decided that I was just going to go a little nuts and use the layout and the technique somewhat but I would branch out of the Holtz collection and give myself the creative freedom to go where my eye and heart was leading.  On the right is the result boldly titled “Dreamer of dreams”.

Recently, I have been wondering about consciousness, forms of  knowing, seeing with different forms of vision.  I have become very taken with the quest to see how much more of the experience of consciousness we can experience.

I am so grateful to a few people in my life but particularly to my first husband  - “Bear, the Fire-starter” as well as my “Chairman Mau” who have both steered me in directions that got me to this point where I feel like I am slowly being delivered into a realm of consciousness that I didn’t know I could exist within.  

I am grateful that I finally have awakening to the idea that to be conscious is to love, to feel connected, and to embrace the dreams that exist inside my inner world that I have always been ashamed to acknowledge existing inside there.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to express my inner vision through this medium of collage or mixed media art.  I have always loved the Holtz style because it resonates with how my mind projects my thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories on its internal canvas. There is something intimately familiar in his style that reminds me of how my mind sees, interprets and organises the world.  My dreams are vivid, in colour and a little all jumbled together in a wondrous, whimsical medley of sights and sounds superimposing themselves on existing memories and feelings.  I love that I can express the incredibleness of it somewhat through the medium of art.


  1. Loving this interpretation of the August tag too Candice. It#s always a challenge to follow the original idea yet change it too and you've demonstrated how that can be done (as ever) here. The colour scheme is gorgeous. Jenny x

  2. Amazing textures and layers here - I feel like I could look at it forever and still find new details and depths. I haven't managed the last couple of tags either - determined to catch up at some point...
    Alison xx


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