Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tim Holtz 2014 February Challenge – A dear letter to Mr Tim

015Dear Mr Tim
Ever since you brought out the glorious Stencil Line in your exquisite range of craft essentials, I have been salivating and waiting to get my hands on them.  Mr Tim – they have not arrived here in South Africa yet (sobs inconsolably).  I know because I looked everywhere for them Mr Tim, I even searched the stock inventory of all the South African online stores. 

Mr Tim – I am so sad, gutted, incapacitated, like a junkie without a fix, Mr Tim.  What makes me sadder Mr Tim is that the tags in the 12 Tags series seem to be always made super awesome by your expert handling of these stencilling babies to make them.  I want to try them too Mr Tim.  I want to play in the challenge so very, very bad Mr Tim, but the stencils haven’t arrived in my country yet Mr Tim – even the ones you brought out last year Mr Tim.It hurts my heart, I am about to write a sad country love song about it - this is pain Mr Tim, heart wrenching agony.
So I’ve been waiting and waiting and I finally couldnt help myself – I really wanted to make a tag for the 2014 February 12 Tags, but with no stencils available Mr Tim, I had to come up with a new plan.  So I used one of your sizzix movers and shapers butterflies and die-cut my own stencil out of cardstock(so that I could do that awesome graduated colour technique you shared).  You can’t see most of it in the finished tag, because it is covered up by the foreground elements Mr Tim – but it turned out friggin’ awesome Mr Tim. I put this picture here to show you exactly how friggin awesome the butterfly stencilling turned out.  I still wish I had your real stencils though Mr Tim.

So anyway Mr Tim my question to you and Mr Mario is – do you know why they don”t sell the stencils here in South Africa Mr Tim and Mr Mario?  I like them, I want them.  Also Mr Tim – I hope you don’t mind that I submit my made-a-plan stencil tag for the February challenge.  Which also makes me ask Mr Tim, the butterflies were so cute when I die cut my stencil with the movers and shapers Mr Tim,  – so can you make a butterfly stencil if you are designing more stencils, I will start saving for a plane ticket so that I can buy them in America if I have to? 
Thanks Mr Tim.
Tincan Crafter

(P.S I dont mean to offend anyone especially “Mr Tim” himself by writing this post this way, please accept it in the way it was written – to convey a strong adoration for Mr Tim, his products and his generous sharing of technique!)


  1. :( That is such a bummer! Your tag is beautiful! Love your butterflies. You should just come on to America ;)

  2. I love your creative take on Mr Tim's tag and enjoyed reading your tale of woe. I'm sure Tim' suitcase will be bulging with stencils and more when he hits South Africa in March. Maybe you could get a job as a baggage handler at the airport. '' oh Hi there Mr tim, would you mind opening that suitcase for me, Errrr I'm afraid I am going to have to Impound this . These goods are n't allowed here ! ' ......... Catch my drift ? Xx

  3. Oh, I soooo sympathise with your situation. I love the stencils/masks too and can't imagine what it would be like to live without them. Hopefully you will be able to get your hands on them soon. But I love your alternative. The butterfly stencil that you made up works beautifully and your tag is wonderful. Keep up the great work (and more blogging please!!!). Love Jean.x (from UK)

  4. I hope they arrive soon, but what you have achieved without Tim's stencils is fabulous xx

  5. LOL. you are too funny :)
    I don't have his heart stencil for this month, so I will have to figure out my own way to do it as well.
    I don't have his stencils here in my town in Canada either….but went to the States and picked some up…but it cost me a lot less to get there than it would you, teehee.
    I love your tag, so bright and happy. Makes me look even more forward to spring…as we are suppose to get another snow storm here.

  6. i think it is sad we dont all get ALL the supplies in our countries and when we do they are in such small numbers you have to fight to get one before they sell out. and i envy the USA crafters for it. but you have shown that you can look at the techniques used and adapted it to what you do have. and i think thats how it should be. inspired but not copying it exactly. wonderful job and fantastic colours. :)

  7. I think Toni has hit the nail on the head... you definitely need to intercept Mr Tim at the airport and hijack his luggage!! Having said that, your take on the February tag is an absolute stunner, with your homemade stencil more than making up for the missing ones... brilliant idea to have a butterfly stencil next!! All those dimensional butterflies on the finished piece are simply amazing... definitely one of my favourite makes of yours ever!!
    Alison xx


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