Friday, June 7, 2013

Cross-pollinating here but too excited not to share....

I maintain 3 separate blogs (my blog for my students is specific to the course that I am responsible for at my day job), the other blog is also related to my job but it is more a labour of love type effort that is merely related to my day job.  And then there is this one (which is really my favourite blog because it all belongs to me and my fits of whimsy and really is not related to anything else but whatever I feel like putting or doing on it.  I initiated a Craft Club project last year at my day job and I was thrilled to hear yesterday that the letter I wrote to a national magazine was published as its winning letter for the June edition of IDEAS magazine in South Africa.  I really do love this magazine and I think I have sort of got my students hooked on it too and so I wrote in to tell them about how cute it all is.  Anyway - they published it!!!  Yeay for us!  Now I know that this blog is separate to the Craft Club Blog - but I am so excited that we got some publicity in a nation-wide publication (June 2013 IDEAS magazine) I want to share it on this blog as well.


  1. That's fantastic - a really positive thought for the day!
    Alison x

  2. Congratulations on getting your letter published, how wonderful and what you are doing with the students is amazing.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  3. So exciting and congrats to you :)

  4. Hey there! Congrats to YOU on having your letter published! That is fantastic! Regarding the Gathered Twigs...yep, I think that was me that told you that Gathered Twigs is my favorite go to brown now. It's so rich and have such a wonderful vintage aging ability in one swipe! :) I'm so glad that you love it, too now that you've tried it. Thank you so much for the very sweet comment that you left on my blog and I hope you have a wonderful and CREATIVE week! <3 Candy


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