Monday, May 3, 2010

I have been neglecting this blog

I have been thinking about formalising, streamlining and reorganising my soap “business”.  Up until now, soaping has really just been a fun hobby and every now and again I would take my experiments to a local flea market.  What I realised was that there is a decent enough market for it.  However I cant afford to spend my weekends hauling all my stuff to surrounding flea markets. So I am in the process of creating an “online shop” that will be linked eventually to this blog.  Finding the right platform though is a daunting task.   

I also realised that I have to start developing particular ranges and stocking supplies in bulk for those particular ranges.  Up until now I have been experimenting with all kinds of fragrances, designs, techniques and the like.  But anyway to catch you up on what I have been developing recently – this is the first in a range that I plan to sell as part of my signature range.  I am calling this series ELEMENTS – you will see why below:
   Slide1 Slide2Slide3
And there we have it – the elements! 


  1. so.absolutely.unbelievably.frickin.amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful and such a wonderfully unique concept. Congrats on moving forward with your work and starting on online venue.


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