Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I downloaded Live writer and I think I’m liking it

mayan galactic centreHola amigos - I just found a super cool tool! This is a blog editing tool that you can get for free from Windows called: Windows Live Writer – now if I can only find a cool new 4 column template layout, I’ll be on my way to Blogging Heaven….which means kinesthat I am going to have to create more random stuff to create. Seriously though how cool is it that you can edit font, picture layout, tilt, crop, rotate them and add borders etc. I havent played around with it proper yet – but you can also insert tables!!!! YEAY YEAY – I love stuff that uinalesallows you to edit to your hearts content! Anyway – if you too would like this super cool editor that I am loving, loving, loving you can download it here.

They have a bunch of new features as well including a newly designed Movie Maker – which I would love to test drive but I am worried that if I download that, it will delete my old Movie Maker. I know things are supposedly better – but I remember really loving Windows Photo Editor and then feeling short changed with MS Office picture organiser.


  1. oh yes - what bright "pop"py difference it makes compared to the regular editing options in BLOGGER - so loving it!

  2. tincan,

    I think my fav. tool in Windows Live Writer is the tilt image, that's very cool!

    Have fun... :)


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