Friday, May 3, 2013

I made the TIM HOLTZ 12 Tags April list – WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

I don't have a bucket list yet, but if I had made one, one of the things that would have been on  there was to get a mention on the Tim Holtz blog.
I have been going on and on in older posts about how much I wanted to be on that coveted list of winners but given the amazing amount of talent submitted – I never truly expected that my crazy attempts would ever make the cut. 

So I was a little confused when my inbox for comments on my blog started saying – “congratulations on your win”.   What win?  What competition? Wait, these are comments on my rain man tag – OMG, did I get mentioned on the Tim Holtz blog????  I saw that he had a new 12 tags post and then I just held my breath as I read through the post and then down to the April Winners – OMG, OMG, OMG – my name is on the list……

I was so excited I nearly fell off my chair, for real.  I clicked the link so many times to see if it was really linking to my tag.  The rest of the day was spent in a giddy state of disbelief and excitement.

The thumbnail image in the Tim gallery was kinda crazy looking to me, and I knew it didn't resemble the original Tim tag at face value so I never even imagined anyone would feel motivated enough to click it.  So when  independent bloggers, clicked and commented on it even before the winners list was mentioned on Tim’s blog I was already uber thrilled.  For me just that was enough to make me feel great!

Congratulations to all the winners on the list as well.  It was pretty cool discovering that almost all the ones that I loved made the list as well.  When you look at the gallery of submissions, it is totally inspiring – everyone is so gifted in their art. I would never be able to choose a limited amount of winners out of all the fabulous entries.

Thank you so much everyone over at the Tim Holtz franchise for choosing my tag as one of the winners.  I am more than thrilled, I think this is a kind of high I wont come down from for the next whole month. 

The prize is like the best type of prize to win – a chance to shop at Inspiration Emporium and it is for a generous amount, I am already drooling at the amount of stuff that I am going to get.  I cant wait to get my grubby ink stained fingers on all of it.  Also I got sent a cool badge to put on my blog – so now when anyone comes over to the Tin deli – they see that – how cool is that?  Is there anything more validating and cooler for a crafter than to have a badge that says “TIM HOLTZ LIKES ME” ???

Anyhow – I am over the moon and on my way to Mars right now – that is how high I am floating.


  1. Congratulations on your win for Tim's April tag and thank you for your lovely comment on my blogworthy lonk and I so appreciate your support.
    hugs {Brenda} x0x


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