Saturday, March 8, 2014

12 Tags of 2014–March and the Spritzer

034So Pinterest has become my Holy Grail of all types of inspiration and  innovation.   I have discovered a fantastic new “tool-set” in it.  I get a little anal about keeping things fresh and interesting.  The thing is, I am a chronic Distress Ink buyer….so I might have a pretty big collection of it and yet I find myself using the same old colours over and over again.  This doesn’t bode well in the quest to be fresh and interesting.  A while back I decided to start pinning colour schemes for rooms in my house I wanted to paint and then decorate.  I   clicked on my colour palettes board a few days ago and I had the equivalent of a crafty burning-bush episode – I thought to myself “Holy Moses – these schemes totally work for tag and card colour scheme inspiration”.  

So I have decided to pick one and go with it – for the Timmy Tag as well as whatever else I feel inspired to create this month.

I went with the first image that appealed to me and it happened to be this palette over here on the right.  Easy peasy Distress Ink squeezy?????  I figure all I have to do now is match up the Distress Inks to the closest approximation to the colour swatch right?  I dunno, let’s see what I can match up – here comes my next new tool – the Distress Ink Colour chart. 

030So I am thinking I need to pick Spun sugar, Picked Raspberry, Peacock Feathers, Tumbled Glass/Broken China and Gathered Twigs or Walnut Stain – maybe??? 

Now – I am going to choose a stamp set to attempt this month’s technique – SMUDGE STAMPING and DISTRESS SPRITZING. It doesn’t hurt also that I have the Alterations Movers and Shapers Tattered Leaves Die set, for you know….if I want to add some texture or dimension.  I seem to be incapable of not adding some kind of 3D dimensional element to anything that I do.

Anyhow – let’s see how this goes.

I smudged stamped the big leaves and then coloured them in – because they were too contrasty with the the subtle smudge stamped effect outline, to blend in the muted tones I wanted – I washed out the the colour with a waterbrush.


I made my own stencil once again with the brick texture Strip die from Sizzix and used my new Spritzer.  Have to admit that I still trying to get the hang of it but I love the effect despite my clumsy attempts to confine the spray pattern to where I wanted it to go. I made the little Robin’s eggs out of airdry clay and spritzed that for a speckled egg look and then I glossy accented that. I added a few twigs here and there as well.
I am happy with how this turned out.  I am unusually into pinks and blues these days – dont know for sure why but I do suspect its because I am feeling very feminine and loving my femininity at the moment. 


  1. This looks great , you have stayed true to the colours and the dimensional leaves look great too. Trace x

  2. Wow, what a fab idea. I too have a collection of beautiful pallettes on Pinterest, I never thought of using them as the basis for a Tim Tag!!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Loving your tag. Jean.x

  3. Wow! What a great idea - I too have a selection of beautiful pallettes on Pinterest, but I never thought of using them as a basis for a piece of art. Thank you for the inspiration. Loving your Tim Tag. Jean.x

    1. Hi Jean

      I couldnt find your blog to go to so that I could leave a comment so I decided to email you instead. Thanks for stopping by my blog ( and leaving a comment - much appreciated. I cant stop with Pinterest - at any given time I have a zillion boards open.

      Candice (tincan)

  4. Oh my goodness, I love your tag.
    It is gorgeous. I love the fun spring colours…believe me I am looking forward to spring.
    I suggest when you get off your crazy strict eating plan..give the cracker snack a try ;P

  5. Loved reading about your process Candice. Great idea to get your colour scheme from a mood board - It definitely worked - lovely tag. Helen x

  6. Ooh, pretty - a different look for you, but you wear it well! And it's another lovely take on the TH tag, though I have to agree the first (second really, but the first one I met in my long overdue catch-up!) beats it into a cocked hat!!
    Alison xx


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