Friday, March 29, 2013


Favourite Sandal
So I had a pair of sandals that I got pretty attached to….so much so that I find every other pair of brown sandals severely lacking.  Thus it was a terrible moment when I realised that the little silver thingie on the t-bar bit had fallen off somewhere black-holish.  I couldnt stand the thought of not being able to wear those comfy sandals, so I went back to the store to see if I could find another pair.  They were out.  I had a good cry.

Dala to the rescue again
When I composed my fragile emotional self – I started thinking that I had loads of stuff that I have lying around my crazy craft studio/office.  So I grabbed a pair of pliers and pliered off the other silver thingie that was still attached to the other sandal and began randomly placing things on my sandal to see if they would be a passable embellishment.  I eventually settled on a big brown button.
Crazy looking metal butterfly clips
Armed with Dala Jewel Bond Glue that I had bought with the NOT-PURPOSE of attaching big brown buttons to shoes – I started on project SAVE-THE-SANDAL.
Thank goodness I got me some pull back butterfly clips the other day – I clamped those puppies in place and spent the whole day leather dye-ing (with Meltonian leather dye - this stuff is like EISHHHHHH cool) and de-funkifying some other very funky-pong leather shoes.  Why do leather shoes smell so bad?

I am really stoked that I managed to rescue my old leather and wood clogs.  My mom (who bought them as a present for me some 10 years agao) not-so secretively wishes that I burn them as firewood….she bought me those clogs, dont know why she hates them so much – okay I admit that maybe they were looking a little over worn and the wood part of sole is a bit shredded, and it does leak a kind of shreddy sawdust effort when I wear and walk in them.  But hey, its that what gives them character right?
The instructions on the bottle of glue say that they have to be left to set for 72 hours - 72 hours....really?  I didnt wait that long.  After about 2 or 3 hours I undid the clips - the buttons seemed to be on there pretty fast.  I left them like that overnight and the next day I stitched through the buttonholes with shoe twine.  I added a little bit more of the Jewel Bond glue to the underneath bit where I finished off with a knot to secure it a little bit more.


  1. What a great idea, I will never toss a pair of comfy sandels again!

    1. Ha! I am embellishing even the shoes that dont need embellishment replacements now! I'm like a monster! I just left a comment on your Stazon post - your solution worked so I was hitting you back!


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