Monday, February 25, 2013

handmade peep-through li'l book

I have been wanting to post this for eons but just never got around to editing it into a post.  Over the December Holidays I had uber loads of fun creating a handmade peep-through little book.  It turned out great and I am itching to do another one soon -

glossy cracked heart done with Dala Crazy Cracks and then multiple layers of Dala Polyurethane Hard Varnish

you can find my Youtube tutorial on how to make your own Bakers Twine in the next blog post

Dala Metal Craft paint is my favourite Shiny paint

chicken wire and dots stamp were stamps that I made myself (look out for  upcoming  tutorial on how to make your own stamps with air-dry clay

Background inked with watered down Dala drawing ink

I stamped the balloons in the background layer with permanent ink and then coloured them in Pencil crayons, I blended the pencil crayon detail with a brush dipped in baby oil - who knew....

If you ever wondered what you could do with Dala White drawing ink - its perfect for creating pastel hues and whitewashed effects

I used Dala Acrylic Retarder to paint in the Lampost glass, sprinkled it with clear embossing powder  and heat embossed it for a raised glassy effect

Multiple layers of Dala Polyurethans Hard Varnish to get it all glossy

Dala Stencil Glue and Dala Teddy glitter on "h-o-t"

Hibiscus flowers made out out DIY Kraft Core - (using Dala Suncolour) embossed and sanded

Dala Metal Craft paint adds a little pop of colour on the Aluminium foil back-cover


  1. What an astounding make... every page has something to wow the viewer - glorious! I'm signing up as a follower so I don't miss anything else!!
    Alison x

    1. Alison, that is super! Right now I think there are about 3 people who read my blog and I am one of them! I'll make sure that I am more disciplined in posting my projects then! Thanks for the sub!


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