Sunday, May 9, 2010

Natural line now ready

I am pretty excited.  My signature line is really coming together. 

I have decided that in order to organise my products more efficiently, I have to group them according to themes.  You have already had a preview of the ELEMENTS series about 2 posts ago. This has worked out fabulously – and makes it easier for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for.   

The featured soaps in this post form part of the NATURALS series. They all share a common theme of something “natural” - either botanicals,  milks, teas, honey, extracts or butters.  I usually have  a little story behind each soap that I design, these ones however are created purely for the luxury of it.  I personally love the various kinds for their nourishing, moisturising or healing properties as well as their visual and scent appeal.  The inclusion of the actual plant material makes them great for gentle exfoliation as well. 

To date the soap in this series have been the most popular sellers and I am stoked that they finally belong to their own category.  Click on the Handcrafted Designer Tab at the top of this page for particular details on each variety.

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