Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well I havent blogged in a while

I was going to do a killer piece on Necklace and accessory organisers, and I was going to mention my good friend Jen’s brilliant idea, but I wanted to also include the storage/organisation concepts I came up with. However, I have been procrastinating with the tidy-up of the cupboard that is adjacent to the accessory organiser – and I am too much of my mama’s girl to take pictures of it when the cupboard is in such a mess. My mama would simply hang her head in shame and I would feel bad about embarrassing her.


In my attempts at procrastination, I have however been really busy in the Melt & Pour department and have turned out batches and batches of soap. I am super pleased with my latest conquest – that of the troublesome non-sticking layered soap variety. But I think I have finally managed to get it down and am loving the end product. I made rainbow soap!!! I borrowed the layering technique from Anne-Marie at, and then borrowed the embedding technique from her as well, and this is how these babies turned out in the end – I was exceedingly pleased. Fortunately for me, rainbowsliceI sort of had a week off, and yes – I could’ve tidied the cupboard, but the lure of soap was way too strong and I fell off the tidy wagon, right smack into a frenzy of soapcrafting. These included bugs in soap, Honeycomb and Jelly soap, colour pop soap, marble rock soap, leaves in a brook soap and then a variety of Cold Process Soap (soap made up from scratch). Here are a few of my favourites below.

So anyway I have made loads more soap than is actually necessary, but I have been having a blast. I also made a Brown Sugar and Oatmeal bar, Peppermint and Rosemary, Cranberry Crush (with 100% Pure Cranberry Juice, and a beautiful Lavender swirl with crushed lavender and Kaolin clay and added. But my all time favourite right now ia a sinful chocolate loaf with a real vanilla choc soap spiral in the

middle and it even has a little peepy hole through it. Not only am I loving the design, but it smells so chocolatey that I keep having to convince myself not to take a bit out of it. Well I did kinda lick it, it did taste terrible

- what can I say – I am a slow learner……well that’s it for today, hopefully I will clean up the cupboard someday.


  1. Hello-Thank you for the sweet words @ the Soap Queen. I was pleased to see that you had a blog. I wanted to let you know that the nice things you said about me are RIGHT BACK AT YOU!!! You do amazing soap work! That beautiful rainbow that first greeted me sucked me right in-then your CP kept me hitting Older Posts :)
    I dont have time to read them all now, but I wanted to let you know that I am now Soap Stalking you :) Thanks again for your nice words-Tammy

  2. Your soaps look great! I can't wait to see you blog more and show all of your talent. The photos look creative and colorful.

    Happy Soaping!


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